Pitzer Activities

Why We Love Pitzer Activities (and You Should Too!)

PAct 101: Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Pitzer Activities (PAct) is a student-run programming board at Pitzer College that organizes a variety of on campus events and off-campus adventures. We also organize our weekly late night event, Snackie Snack!

We are dedicated to organizing weekly events for the PZ community! New to Pitzer? Here are some events to look forward to every semester!

  1. Annual Student Involvement Fair with Student Senate

Not sure how to get involved in campus life as a first-year, or hoping to become more engaged as a returning student? PAct and Senate have got you covered!

In the first few weeks of your time at Pitzer, make sure to check out our Student Involvement Fair! PAct partners with Pitzer’s Student Senate to collaborate with the student body, clubs, and organizations, to recruit the new incoming students to get involved with the community. As all must know, one of our core values is Student Engagement; so make sure to stop by to bring ya friends, ya friends’ friends, your curiosity, and your eagerness to get involved!






Student Involvement Fair Spring 2017, Courtesy of Jan Bragado

  1. Viewing Parties

Do you have a knack for free food and watching things on the big screen? Well, PAct has your back! Pitzer Activities love to host viewing parties and movie screenings! During the fall semester, we have hosted every debate during the election season, and even election night! During the spring semester, we also hosted the Superbowl Viewing Party and brought in Pizza, wings, and drinks! What’s not to like?

Election Debate Fall 2016, Courtesy of Chance Kawar
  1. Free Transportation to Women’s March

Pitzer Activities strongly abides by our core value of Social Responsibility. With that comes our passion for social justice and standing up for everyone’s rights. So best believe we not only attended the Women’s March last January in LA, but we also brought over 50 people with us! For our LA trips PAct brings in the big yellow bus, students pile in on a first-come first serve basis, and we drive off into the Sunset Blvd!

Women’s March Los Angeles, 01/21/17. Courtesy of Jan and friends
  1. Off Campus Activities in the Surrounding Cities.

Wanna get off campus for the weekend? PAct does too! Pitzer Activities surely enjoys getting away for the weekend and taking off in the big yellow bus to other destinations.

PAct has taken students out to jump as high as they can at Sky Zone, express themselves at Skate Express, or even to go see a movie at a nearby theater! We’ve even taken the trip to Raging Waters, the largest water park in California, and to the annual LA County Fair! 

(Neighborhood Holiday Lights Viewing, Rollerskate Night, and Skyzone Outing. Courtesy of Jan Bragado)

  1. Off Campus SoCal Adventures

Have the urge to further explore Southern California, but don’t have the means of transportation needed? Or maybe you just don’t have your car on campus and the free transportation sounds wonderful! Whatever it may be, Pitzer Activities love to spend some days in LA as well! We’ve taken students to baseball games, to the beach, the mountains, the Broad Museum, and the LA Zoo! Make sure you write down some requests for events during the club fair!

Angel’s baseball game outing, and Snow Day with *Pitzer Outdoor Adventures (POA). Courtesy of Jan Bragado and *Clint Isom
  1. On Campus Events

Sometimes, going off campus requires getting dressed and ready, ya know? That’s dandy and all, but there are days when you just wanna stay in. So guess what? We bring the entertainment HERE!

You can stay comfy with your PJ’s and your onesies and hang out with your friends while we bring a magician, a hypnotist, or a comedian right here to campus. Not only that, but we also bring snacks! That freshman 15 is a guarantee… for all four years.

Last semester’s most popular events:

  • Magic Show with Tom Ogden
  • Comedy Night with Megan Gailey
  • De-stress Fest from Finals with Peer Health Educators (PHE) – and puppies!
  1. Collaboration with other PZ organizations

As mentioned, PAct actively practices the Social Responsibility core value that our institution holds dearly. Therefore, we feel strongly about making sure that the PAct trips and events are inclusive to the Pitzer student body and community. We enjoy collaborating with various clubs and organizations at Pitzer and even the 5C’s! PAct has collaborated with Pitzer Peer Health Educators with a de-stress event in which PAct and PHE brought in puppies from the nearest dog shelter, provided materials for DIY stress balls and body scrubs, and had free hot chocolate and tea! For our events like Snackie, other clubs and organizations are most definitely welcome to arrange collabs.

Our most popular and well-attended events were Soul Food Snackie with BSU, Cookie Snackie with Pangea, Churros & Ice Cream Snackie with Latinx Student Union (LSU), and Snow Day at Mt. Baldy with Pitzer Outdoor Adventures.

Soul Food Snackie in collaboration with Black Student Union (BSU). Courtesy of Clint Isom
  1. Snackie Snack!

Free food: PAct’s specialty.

As a PAct Programmer during my first year, some of my favorite moments were definitely making food runs to Costco or local restaurants and eateries for Snackie and other events. My all-time favorite moment? Seeing the bright and hungry smiles of the students in line for free food.

Here’s the scoop:

You can look forward to free food every Tuesday evenings from 10pm to 11pm! Stay tuned on Facebook to find out each week’s theme!

2016-2017 Most Loved Snackies:

  • Donuts Snackie
  • Cinnabon Snackie
  • Valentine’s Day Snackie (chocolate covered everything)
  • Acai Bowls Snackie
  • Thai Food Snackie
  • Churros & Ice Cream w/ LSU Snackie
  • Boba Snackie
  • Soul Food Snackie with BSU
  • And many more!

Courtesy of Pitzer Activities

  1. Blowout Snackie/In-n-Out food truck!

PAct will not let you go back home from a long semester of hard work without rewarding you all with some well-deserving food! At the end of each semester, we either hold a “Blowout Snackie” where we bring in the most popular snackies back in one huge snackie, or we bring in a food truck to provide comfort food all night for finals. Who knows, maybe we’ll see In-n-Out’s food truck out in the East Mesa Parking lot again at the end of the semester!

(PZ Students enjoying the In-N-Out Food Truck! Courtesy of Jan Bragado.)

  1. Social Responsibility Award

Thanks to the Pitzer Community’s nomination and the Awards Selection Committee, Pitzer Activities was rewarded with the Social Responsibility Award during the 2016-2017 Student Leadership Awards. PAct is truly honored and our programmers are looking forward to the next semester of more fun, inclusive events, and of course, more food!

Student Leadership Awards 2016-2017. Courtesy of Pitzer College

Many of our students love to take advantage of the opportunities that Pitzer Activities offers. Whether you wanna go off campus or stay on campus, or jusrdrop by for some snacks, stay tuned weekly for our events on the Facebook page!

For more information, visit PAct’s website!

Now that you’ve gotten the ins and the outs of PAct’s events and our core values in action, make sure to look out for our events throughout the year!

What memories will you make with PAct?

Written by Jan Bragado ’20