Inside Admissions: All the things you should know when you apply!

So, you’re here and you’re ready to apply to Pitzer. Congratulations! At this point, I’m sure you know about our divestment from fossil fuels, our intercollegiate programs that support education within carceral institutions, and interdisciplinary courses like the mathematics of woodworking or the CASA program. These are all examples of our five core values — which make up the yarn of Pitzer and are fundamental in everything we do! So keep that in mind.

While we hear a variety of questions from prospective students and their families every day, there are a few that come up more often than others. These include: “what should I write my supplemental essay about?” and “is there anything I should know about the application process?” The process can be long and hard, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop. Having already been through this process, we hope that these suggestions will help make your process a little bit easier.

The best thing you can do when applying to any college is to do your research — make sure you’ve looked at all facets of the student experience. This means academics, sports, on-campus jobs, clubs, food, & more! Not only will this help to inform your essay, but it will also help you decide which schools are right for you. We invite you to think deeply about your own interactions in the world and to write about something that is truly reflective of your own experience for your supplemental essay.

For Pitzer specifically, you should know that we’re 100% test-optional (and have been since 2003)! Required materials: one recommendation letter in the 2020-2021 application period (normally two), transcript, Common App, and Pitzer Supplemental Essay. Optional materials: resumé, counselor recommendation letter, additional letters of recommendation from non-core curriculum teachers or other important figures like coaches, music teachers, etc. So make sure you review which deadline you’re applying for and try to start the essay more than a week before it’s due to decrease stress right before the deadline!

Good luck and as always, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions.