About Us

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The Shakedown is an opportunity to embody a socially just food system and to promote community food security by supporting small-scale organic, local farmers who nourish our environment in the same sustainable manner that our environment nourishes us.

Page 8, The Shakedown Manifesto

The Shakedown Cafe is a student-run restaurant, located on the second floor of the Gold Student Center (GSC) at Pitzer College. We strive to incorporate locally-grown, organic produce into our menu. Additionally, we provide a space for the community to meet, enjoy a delicious meal, do homework, listen to music, play games, and share talent.

Our Philosophy

From the “Shakedown Manifesto” written by founders Fred Beebe, Alden Towler, Josh Lipkowitz, Dane Pollock, and Gabriel Guerrero.
“The Shakedown is about reconnecting people with their food.  The Shakedown is about showing people that beauty that lies within the act of planting a seed that has been saved for generations upon generations, taking care of that seed as it germinates and grows into a plant, and then harvesting the fruit that the plant has reaped.  That fruit is purchased at a fair price from a farmer who worked under fair and humane conditions and turned into a delicious creation served at The Shakedown made with love by our staff.  That fruit then serves the catalyst to a great conversation, to a beautiful meal between friends, colleagues, and loved ones.  Over that meal, people will come together and share their thoughts and experiences, they will listen to music, they will look at art, they will get some work done, they will read a book, or they might partake in any number of activities and it all starts with that simple seed grown on a piece of land that has been cared for with love by a farmer.”

Core Values

The Shakedown was founded on the belief that people must be connected to the food they eat. Food is about choices and with those choices comes power. To that end, The Shakedown is dedicated to the mission of educating our community about food issues and empowering ourselves to make change.
Emphasizing the importance of conscious consumption and ethical business practices, The Shakedown is committed to supporting local farms/vendors and promoting alternative marketplaces/means of production.
The Shakedown is committed to fostering an active and inclusive community that promotes self-expression, discussion, education and empowerment for Pitzer students, faculty, staff and community members.

Shake the hand that feeds you!