(Actual) Advice for your Freshman Year


  • Get a microwave & fridge or get a roommate who has them. It will save your life 
  • Get out of your comfort zone and talk to new people — give everyone a chance!
  • Wake up early enough to go to brunch because otherwise you will be hungry at 3pm waiting in line for Mcconnell to open or eating that stale rice cake off the floor
  • Stay in touch with friends & family during the first few months. It’s easy to stay busy but it’s important to touch base with people every so often
  • Plan your room out and order what you need on Amazon to the mail room so you don’t accidentally get to school without any shampoo or conditioner for the first month 
    • Also, when purchasing things, think about storage! Packing up at the end of the year is made easier when you have a lot of collapsible things and ways to store items inside each other. 

Do not:

  • Fake an accent to seem cool
  • Do anything you’re uncomfortable with! There is enough room on campus for everyone and every interest under the sun
  • Be afraid to ask someone new to go to that movie/club/discussion with you because everyone is looking for friends and everyone wants to try new things
  • Invent an entirely new persona to act out during the first month and eventually abandon. Just be yourself! You’re someone’s cuppa tea
  • Pretend you’re into something you’re not into because you will eventually meet someone who’s genuinely, actually, really, enthusiastic about hardcore no-waste camping and then you’ll be forced to carry your poop in a bag for thirty miles during the first two weeks of school in order to save face