How to dress for your first day of Pitzer

So you’re in, and you’re ready for your first day of Zoom school (Monday, eek!). And you must be wondering — what Zoom backgrounds do I need to download? And which of my outfits looks the best from the shoulders up? Having completed half a semester of online education already, we’re ready to give you the breakdown.

Here are twenty funky Zoom backgrounds that you can enable, but for a truly crunchy feel that will have people doing double-takes on their computer quality, we recommend screenshotting panoramas from Pitzer’s Google Map.

As far as attire, nearly anything goes. Just make sure you have a relatively blank or clean background if you’re not using a virtual one in order to make that outfit *really* pop. Layering is almost always the best choice — not only to provide the best range of comfortable temperatures, but also to provide the greatest number of fashion combinations. Get creative with those color combos! Orange and blue is a heavenly combination made for everyone <3

For non-visible clothing, I would recommend sweats and slippers to provide a more comfortable ambiance for your first day and to avoid any unnecessary outfit changes. If, however you’re feeling a bit stylish, you can always wear Chacos, Crocs, or Birkenstocks (*WITH SOCKS*) in solidarity with the unseen and unsung footwear of your classmates. Well, there you have it! You can wear just about anything and everything to Pitzer classes, and someone will like your style. Send us your #OOTD’s!


Danya & Olivia

Your Friendly Pitzer Admission Junior Staff