Pitzer in Botswana Directed Independent Study Projects

Independent Research Areas

African History
African Literature
Development Studies
Environmental Studies
Gender Studies
International Relations
Political Studies
Public Health
Theater and Dance
Traditional Arts
Vulnerable Children and Orphans
Wildlife Ecology

Botswana Independent Study Project Titles

  • Ditholwana and Traditional Dance in Botswana
  • Press Freedom
  • The Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency: Building Business People in Maun, Botswana
  • Reggae Music and Political Expression
  • 3P Productions and Botswana’s 40 Years of Independence
  • Understanding the Limitations of Building and Consolidating the Botswana Federation of Trade Unions
  • SAPSSI Activities and Boitumelo Mo Nageng Kids Camps for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: An in-Depth
  • Reflection of Activities and Experiences
  • The Youth Health Organization: Sharing Experiences
  • Interning with the Youth Health Organization (YOHO), on Tour with the Dzalabana Bosole Arts Festival
  • From Cattle to Carcass Meal: An analysis of Procedures at the BMC lobatse Abattoir.
  • Healing HIV/AIDS in Setswana Culture: Four Case Studies.
  • Perceptions of Traditional Medicine in Botswana.
  • Art and Identity: The effects of globalisation on oppressed communities as reflected through their art.
  • Odi Weavers: A Community Overcoming the Odds.
  • Bogale: Appreciating the Segaba.
  • Unspoken Language: A Closer Look at African Dance.
  • Legkoa Journalism: My life as a Botswana Gazette Writer.
  • Environmental Conservation in Botswana:The Role of an NGO
  • The Lentswe la Oodi Producers Co-op
  • Water: The Other Diamond of Botswana, A Study of Water Conservation
  • The Revelation of AIDS in Botswana: BONAMODI
  • Botlhale Jwa Phala Youth
  • Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union: A historical analysis
  • Internship at the Kalahari Conservation Society
  • Decolonizing the Mind: The Case of Botswana
  • The Diphalana Continuing Education Project
  • Avoiding the Gallows: A Controversy over Capital Punishment in Botswana
  • Traditional Song and Dance of Botswana
  • House of Hope: A Community’s Response to the Impacts of HIV/AIDS
  • The Legacy of Segametsi Mogomotsi
  • Ditshwanelo, The Botswana Centre for Human Rights
  • Internship with Women and Law in Southern Africa, Gaborone, Botswana: Struggles of LifeLine Botswana
  • My Month in Gabane Pottery
  • The Effects of Seed Age, Seed Size and Soil Composition on the Germination and Initial Seedling Growth on Colophospermum mopane.
  • Oranges and Bananas and Mangoes (Oh My): Chobe farms and the Challenges of Agriculture in Northern Botswana.
  • This is a research on challenges of commercial farming in Botswana using Chobe farms as a case study.
  • Grey Matters and Living with Elephants
  • Cohabitation in Botswana: The need for legislation.
  • The Utilization of Traditional Vs. Modern Medicine: A Comparison of Urban and Rural Botswana.
  • The Land Board as a Equalizing Institution: The Ngwato Land Board Case Study.
  • Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals of Botswana (LeGaBiBo)
  • Youth Popular Theater as a Community Education Tool in Botswana: Ghetto Artists Case Study.
  • My Internship at The Botswana
  • Traditional Egalitarianism: The Study of the Legal History of Rape.
  • Traditional Dance in Modern Botswana Society
  • Plastic Recycling: An Internship with Somarelang Tikologo and a look at urban environmental education in Botswana.
  • Art as a Process for Cultural Identity and Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Identity in a Changing Society: A Study of Traditional Songs of the Bangwaketse.
  • Apprenticeship with Mogwana Traditional Dance Group: Traditional Dance in the Context of Botswana
  • Mmegi: Investigative Reporting for the People.
  • An internship with Botswana’s largest circulated newspaper and the role of print media in Botswana.
  • The Attitude of Maun Residents Towards Maun Wildlife Education Park (MWEP)
  • Home Based Care in Botswana and The Holy Cross Hospice: Their Relevance and Contribution in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  • The Social Needs in Botswana’s Preschools
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Taking a look at what it is like working and planning in Gaborone.
  • Access to Justice and The Criminality of Homosexuality in Botswana: The Case of Utjiwa Kanane.
  • The Evolution of Drumming
  • Refugees in Botswana: Stories, Frustrations, and Insights from Dukwi Refugee Camp.
  • The Social Impacts of Elephants in Gidikwa: The Relationship Between the People and the Pachyderms.
  • Surface Water Quality of Tamalakane River Maun, Botswana.
  • The Thapong Experience.
  • Basket-Weaving in Botswana: Still Really Something.
  • The History of Printmaking in Africa and My Experience at Marothodi Ltd.
  • Understanding Empowerment: Internship with Permaculture Trust of Botswana.
  • Traditional Medicine in Botswana: The Past or the Future?
  • Education as a Means of Socialization: Primary Education in Botswana.
  • Trust for the Okavango Cultural and Development Initiatives: A Study in Grassroots Development – Itsoseng
  • Bomme Basket Weavers Evaluative Report.
  • Unification and Diversification of Music from An Untraditional Perspective in Botswana.
  • Problem Animal Control and Moremi Game Reserve: A Case Study from the Perspective of a Wildlife Officer.
  • My Life in the Bush: Large Carnivore Research with African Wildlife Foundation.
  • SOS Kindergarten, Francistown, Botswana
  • Care and Prevention go Hand in Hand: Botswana’s National Response to HIV/AIDS.
  • The Centre for Strategic Studies: Helping Democracy Find a Place in the World of Defense and Security.
  • The N/oakwe on the Road to Development.
  • Mmino wa Setswana: Traditional Dance in Botswana.
  • Thari Ya Sechaba: Traditional Midwives and Gaborone Birth Culture In the Age of AIDS
  • The Risk and Resilience of San Peoples in Western Botswana: Working with the Kuru Family of Organizations