How to Apply for Pitzer Students

We appreciate interest in study abroad and look forward to working with you. A semester or a year abroad can be an enriching educational and cultural experience. Pitzer study abroad alums have used the knowledge and skills learned abroad as the basis for senior thesis, grant proposals, and careers.

Study Abroad Application Due Dates

There are two due dates for approved semester study abroad programs and exchanges. There is one due date for non-approved semester programs. Summer programs have their own due dates. We accept applications throughout the application period. Applications during regular application periods are reviewed after the due date.

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Fall 2022 Approved Programs and Exchanges

Full year 2022-2023 Approved Programs and Exchanges   

Fall 2022 Non-Approved Programs

Spring 2023 Non-Approved Programs

Deadline TBD for Pitzer 2022 Summer Programs

Costa Rica Summer Health

Pitzer in Brazil Summer Program

Pitzer in Vietnam Summer Program

Pitzer Exchange in Japan with Kwansei Gakuin University 

APRIL 30, 2022

Spring 2023 Approved Programs and Exchanges

  • Step 1: Attend a Study Abroad Information Session

    Students planning to study abroad during a fall or spring semester must attend a Study Abroad Information Session before they make a study abroad advising appointment.

    Students interested in a summer program must attend a summer program-specific information session or meet with a study abroad adviser prior to applying.

    Study Abroad Information Sessions (Approximately 1 hour in length). Current schedule here: Information Sessions Fall 2021

  • Step 2: Meet with a Study Abroad Adviser

    After attending an information session, each student makes an appointment with a study abroad adviser to discuss their academic goals and identify the programs that might work best for their educational plan. Advising times are available throughout the week. Please click on the available calendars below to sign up for a time. Advisers may offer different times on different days, so please check both if you can’t find a time right away.

    T/W/TR Morning and afternoon slots  Advising with Mike T/W/TR

    M/W Morning slots Advising with Kebokile – Schedule will be available after September 13

    T/W/TR Afternoon slots Advising with Jamie T/W/TR

    T/TR Morning slots Advising with Michael T/TR

  • Step 3: Research Program Options

    We encourage students to take the following steps to make their study abroad choice:

    • Research the approved program options available on Pitzer’s website.  Please note: Each of the Claremont Colleges has different study abroad programs and policies. Cross registration is not available for study abroad.
    • Consider the information on the courses available, program dates, prerequisites, and housing arrangements. This information is needed to complete the corresponding questions on the Pitzer College Study Abroad Application.
    • After students narrow their program choices, they interview past participants and talk to them about their experiences. The study abroad advisers can provide emails for past participants.
    • If there are additional questions not addressed on our website, applicants may email questions to, stop by our office to ask a question, or make another appointment with a Study Abroad Adviser.
  • Step 4: Discuss Plans with Your Faculty Adviser

    Students in any major can include a semester of study abroad in their educational plan. Some majors require early planning to fit in a semester abroad. Students need to make a preliminary choice of the courses to take while abroad, discuss their choices with their faculty adviser, and have their faculty adviser sign their Adviser Approval form. To view the classes available, visit the program’s web page or inquire with the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs.

    Special Circumstances: to accommodate students and faculty who may be working remotely spring semester 2020, advisers may email their approval of their student’s study abroad course selections to

    Each field group, in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar, has discretion over whether or not a course will be awarded major or minor credit. Students may be asked for the course syllabus, the textbooks used, writing assignments, exams, etc. as documentation. The Office of the Registrar can provide guidance about general graduation requirements.

  • Step 5: Application Details


    In order to be selected and participate in a study abroad program, a student must satisfy the program’s requirements and be considered by the review committee as likely to benefit from and contribute to the program. Priority is given to qualified students who meet the deadlines, have not participated previously, and will have junior or first semester senior status at the time of participation. Approval for a particular program will be based on the applicant’s essays, suitability for the chosen program, academic record, preparation and the spaces available on each program. Students participating as a first-year or sophomore are NOT eligible to apply for a non-approved program.

    Pitzer students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be in good academic standing and to study abroad. GPA requirements for some programs may be higher.

    All Pitzer students submit the Pitzer College Study Abroad Application. Students may request access to an application on our study abroad portal after meeting with a study abroad adviser and choosing a program. Applications are not available on our website. The application includes student information, waiver and consent, academic information, an interview with a program alum, essays, the faculty adviser’s approval, and for non-approved programs, an adviser endorsement. Some program specific applications require an academic recommendation or letter or reference. Applicants, are asked to plan ahead to allow ample time to obtain the required signatures and to submit thoughtful essays. Students should request faculty recommendations or adviser endorsements, if applicable, as early as possible to allow sufficient time for faculty to complete it. Students are expected to work closely with their Faculty Adviser and Study Abroad Adviser and research programs carefully prior to making their selection. Completing this process helps ensure applicants have chosen a program for which they are qualified, that is appropriate for their academic goals, and that the program dates fit with summer or winter break commitments and visa application requirements and time frames.

    Application essays should be long enough to demonstrate students did their research and gave the topic some thought before answering the questions. Typical essays are less than 2000 characters and spaces combined.

    Program alum interview responses should be entered in students’ own words to demonstrate their understanding of what they learned from interviewing a student. Program Alum Interview Questions

    Host Institution Applications
    AFTER students are accepted by Pitzer College they will submit any applications materials required by the host institution by the due date set by the host institution. If a letter of recommendation is required, give at least two weeks notice for your professor to submit your recommendation.

    Students accepted by Pitzer for approved ISEP programs must complete their ISEP Exchange or Direct online application at least two weeks prior to the ISEP application due date to allow Pitzer’s ISEP coordinator time to submit their portion of the student’s ISEP application. Specific ISEP instructions will be provided to students with the Pitzer study abroad application.

    Non-approved Programs Applicants
    Students applying for one of the non-approved program spaces for a fall or spring semester are encouraged to consider a strong alternate program. The alternate program must be one of the approved program options. Due to the limit on non-approved program spaces, applications are evaluated to determine which students demonstrate the most compelling academic reasons to attend the non-approved program. It is possible that students who apply for academically rigorous programs may be turned down due to lack of available space. Non-approved programs are limited to one semester per student. Year-long non-approved programs are not eligible. When choosing a a program, students should keep in mind that not all colleges and universities accept visiting students. Pitzer students participating as a first-year or sophomore are NOT eligible to apply for a non-approved program.

    Additional Considerations
    In addition to choosing a program that is suitable for students’ academic goals, interests and qualifications, it is important to consider the costs of study abroad and the logistics of booking flights and applying for passports. Students should read the Costs, Airfare Policy and Passport and Visa Information provided as part of the Pitzer College Study Abroad Application.

  • Step 6. Acceptance

    Pitzer College study abroad acceptance decisions are typically made by the end of the semester in which the application is due. The acceptance phase includes items that must be returned by the due dates to maintain eligibility for study abroad. Students should not complete program specific applications for exchange programs or non-approved programs until they receive their acceptance notification from the Pitzer College Office of Study Abroad and International Programs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between an approved and a non-approved study abroad program?
    Pitzer College has approximately 50 approved offerings around the world. Our approved program list for Pitzer students includes direct-run, exchange and direct-enroll programs. It is our intent to provide as many quality offerings as possible. There are limits, ranging from educational quality to safety, which do not allow us to approve every program available. We recognize that not every student will be able to find an approved program that meets an essential educational need. In these cases, the College allocates a limited number of slots designated for non-approved programs. The application process for a non-approved program is competitive, so students should select an approved program as their alternate. Applications for both fall semester and spring semester programs are due in November for participation during the following academic year.

    Can students enroll in a study abroad program or a domestic off-campus study program at one of the other Claremont Colleges?
    There is no cross-registration for international study abroad or domestic off-campus study programs at the other Claremont Colleges. Study abroad programs and off-campus programs through Claremont Mckenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pomona College and Scripps College are considered non-approved programs. (This includes the CMC Washington Semester Program and the CMC Silicon Valley Program.) Students interested in any Claremont College non-approved programs are required to apply to and be approved by the Pitzer College Office of Study Abroad and International Programs prior to completing the other college’s application.

    Can students get credit for study abroad while on a leave of absence?
    Credit for international study during the fall or spring semesters while on a leave of absence DOES NOT TRANSFER back to Pitzer College. For summer programs not directly run by Pitzer or study in the US while on leave, students may be granted transfer credit with prior approval from the appropriate field group and the Pitzer College Office of the Registrar.

    Can students apply for more than one program for the same semester?
    Students only apply to one program per semester of study abroad. You must choose the program, year and semester to request an application.

    Can students study abroad more than once?
    Students who want to study abroad more than once must submit an application for each program by the due date for each program. Students who have already been given access to a study abroad application may email to request an application for their second experience. Send a message from your Pitzer email account that includes the name of the program you wish to apply to and the year and semester you wish to study abroad.

    What if a student is not accepted to their program? Can they still study abroad?
    Qualified students who are not accepted to their first choice program by Pitzer will be offered options to apply to another program that still has availability or to choose a different semester to study abroad. Students who are accepted by Pitzer, but not by their program institution, will be offered options to apply to another program that still has availability and for which there is still time to apply or to choose a different semester to study abroad.

    What should a student do if they will be at a conference or sporting event on the application due date?
    They should submit their application before they go. We accept applications throughout the application period.

    By what time on the due date should students submit their application?
    Pitzer College Study Abroad Applications can be submitted until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the application due date. We strongly recommend that students submit their applications before our office closes so that we can assist you with any unexpected information or technical questions that may arise.

    I missed the application due date, can I still study abroad?
    Possibly. Late applications for non-approved programs are NOT considered. Some programs fill quickly and qualified applicants who apply by the due date are given priority. Due dates may be extended for a short list of programs. Students who are flexible with their program choice and semester of study abroad may be accommodated.

    Is my application complete?
    Applicants can sign in to their study abroad portal to view the status of their study abroad application, acceptance documents, program specific information, program evaluations and other study abroad information any time before, during and after study abroad.

    Can I edit my application responses?
    Possibly. Timing is important. If you submitted an individual questionnaire or document in error and have not yet submitted your full study abroad application, email us at to request to have that item un-received. We will reply during office hours. It is better to submit your application on time than to submit a perfect application. Requests for application edits after application due dates may not be approved. (Some study abroad portal items requested after you have been accepted including flight itineraries and emergency contact information can be and should be updated whenever there is a change.)

    Who submits the Adviser Approval form?  
    Students are responsible for scanning (no photos please) and uploading their completed and signed Adviser Approval form to their study abroad application.

    Can I submit my application before my Adviser Endorsement (for non-approved programs only) is submitted?
    Yes. Students may submit their Pitzer College Study Abroad Application once they have completed their parts of the application and sent a request for the Adviser Endorsement if applicable. Students are not penalized if their Adviser Endorsement arrives within a week after the application due date.

    Do I need an academic recommendation or letter of reference?
    Student applying to ISEP programs are required to submit an ISEP recommendation. Other exchange programs or host institutions may also require an academic recommendation or letter of reference. Provide ample notice and no less than two weeks for your faculty member to complete the forms and/or write a letter.  Due dates set by host institutions for their recommendations and letters may not be flexible.

    How do I change study abroad programs?
    If you decide to change programs you must complete a new Pitzer College Study Abroad Application. Some items my be copied from a prior application. The timing of the change is critical. Late applications are not accepted for non-approved programs. Students who change programs after confirming their participation may incur financial costs.

    What if someone has additional questions?
    Students should send application questions to Anyone is welcome to email questions to or call us at 909.621.8104 or stop by our office. Our address is Pitzer College, Office of Study Abroad, West Hall, Suite Q100, 1050 North Mills Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711. Our website is We reply to emails and return telephone calls during office hours. During the academic year we are open 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday except for holidays and special events. We close at 4:30 during the summer.