Approved Programs and Exchanges for Pitzer Students

The following is a list of programs currently approved for Pitzer students.
Program options subject to change.

Pitzer Programs
(open to Pitzer and non-Pitzer students)

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Direct Enroll Programs
(open to Pitzer students only)

Pitzer International and Domestic Exchange Programs
(open to Pitzer students only)

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Bilateral International Exchanges

ISEP International Exchanges

Pitzer College is a member of the ISEP study abroad network. The following ISEP Exchange Programs have been approved for Pitzer students. Please visit the our Resources page for ISEP Exchange Scholarships opportunities.

Domestic Exchanges

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Program options currently not available for the 2023-2024 academic year

To search and sort approved study abroad programs visit Click Programs in the upper left corner. Note: Programs labeled ‘for Guests’ are duplicate listings for non-Pitzer students only.

Program options subject to change.