International Funds Transfer – CASHnet via Convera

Convera’s International Payments Option is an efficient means for Pitzer College international students to pay their Student Billing account. This simple and secure payment option allows you to choose a foreign currency, obtain a locked-in, competitive exchange rate, and, when completed, have the payment credited directly to your Student Billing account.

Advantages to using Western Union’s International Payments Option include:

  • There are NO transaction fees from Convera or Pitzer College, though you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank. However, since the Convera transaction is in-country, the fee may be less than an inter-country wire transfer.
  • You will not be charged additional fees by ‘intermediary’ banks reducing the funds Pitzer College receives. This ensures Pitzer College receives the amount you intend to pay; there are no hidden fees.
  • The exchange rate is competitive when compared to most bank retail rates.
  • Payments include all of the necessary reference information for the payment to post directly to your Student Billing account.
  • Payments will be transmitted electronically to your Student Billing account, ensuring timely posting, typically 2 to 5 business days after you initiate the payment. The traditional wire transfer from your bank to our bank requires manual posting which causes delays.
  • The Convera exchange rate is valid for 72 hours after the transaction is initiated, taking the uncertainty out of the total payment amount.

How to Make International Payments to your Student Billing Account via Convera

1) Get Ready

  • Determine how much you are going to pay to your Student Billing account
  • Your account balance can be viewed from the ‘Cashnet” tab in MyCampus2Portal
  • Enable pop-ups in your computer’s browser
    • If pop-ups are blocked, you may not be able to see the payment instructions at the end, so be sure to elect to have a copy sent to your email address

2) Log In to MyCampus2Portal

  • Log into the MyCampus2portal home page:
  • Click on Make a Payment
  • Choose the Minimum or Balance amount
  • Click Continue
  • Select Method (Foreign Currency)
  • Select the Country in the Paying Fees from option
  • Click on Get a Quote
  • Print the quote page
  • Submit the quote document to the paying bank to be processed.