Tuition Insurance

A serious illness or accident that forces a student to leave Pitzer College before the semester is completed can be financially costly. To protect against this possibility, students and their parents may wish to consider tuition insurance.

Tuition insurance can protect your educational investment by reimbursing tuition, room and meal plan charges should you need to withdraw from school due to a personal illness, accident, mental illness or nervous disorder.

One such commercial plan is the Tuition Protection Plan offered by GradGuard. This plan extends and enhances the College’s published refund policy.  You are assured a refund throughout the term even after Pitzer College’s refund policy has expired.

This plan is optional, but if you wish to participate in the plan, the GradGuard plan requires that you submit an application with payment directly to GradGuard before the first day of classes. Other commercial plans may impose similar requirements. For further information regarding the GradGuard plan, please visit

* GradGuard provides commercial tuition insurance options.  Please note that Pitzer College provides this information solely for your information and does not endorse any tuition insurance product.