Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

All enrolled domestic Pitzer students must have comprehensive medical insurance coverage.  At the Colleges we offer Aetna Student Health Insurance which many students have found valuable.  Students will be automatically enrolled in SHIP until proof of comparable coverage is provided and a waiver is submitted via the online waiver portal by the September 7, 2020 deadline.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep the College informed of changes in insurance coverage and coverage must be confirmed every year via the online waiver portal –  

PLEASE NOTE:  In a typical year when all students are on campus in Claremont, California, state-funded medical programs from outside of California are NOT considered to be adequate coverage to waive out of SHIP as they do not cover an individual outside of their home state.  However, if you are currently enrolled in a state funded medical program this fall 2020 and plan to remain living in your home state during the fall 2020 semester due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the recent update regarding on-line learning this fall, you CAN waive out of SHIP with your state funded coverage.  Please visit for more information about SHIP or contact Katie Tewell – – with any questions or concerns.    

All enrolled International Pitzer students who are currently residing in the US will be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan unless they provide proof of comparable coverage that is based in the US.   If you are an International student and would like to be waived out of SHIP, please email Katie Tewell –   International students do not have access to the waiver portal and must email to inquire about waiving out of SHIP.

The online waiver portal for the 2020/2021 academic year will open June 15, 2020 through September 7, 2020. Students can obtain a 100 percent refund one week before or on the first day of class. After the first day of class the Student Health Insurance charge is non-refundable.

If you wish to waive out of SHIP, we expect that your alternative coverage be accessible in Claremont and comparable to The Claremont Colleges’ Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Please review your coverage thoroughly to ensure accessibility and comparable coverage prior to completing the waiver form. You are responsible for all medical expenses resulting from services that are not covered by your health insurance.

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Please email the Executive Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs, Katie Tewell (, with any additional questions or concerns related to SHIP.