Billing FAQs

Refer to these common questions about your bill and/or aid on your bill.

Reading my Bill

  • How do I know what I owe?

    Student billing statements for Fall 2024 will be available online through CASHNET on August 2. In the ‘Statements’ tab, go to ‘View your Billing Statement’ and the balance owed will be indicated next to the ‘Amount Due Now’.

    NOTE: Students on financial aid who received their aid package after August 2 should contact student accounts for an updated estimate of their “amount due now”.

  • Where is my financial aid on my bill?

    On your billing statement, you will see ‘expected financial assistance’ on the bottom left corner. This is sum of your expected financial aid for fall. This aid has already been deducted from your owed total. See Financial Aid below for additional financial aid & bill questions.

Charges on Bill

  • I have requested adjustments to my account, when will they be updated on my statement?

    Any updates or changes made to tuition, meal plans, housing, etc. will not reflect on your statement in CASHNet until the 1st of the following month when student accounts publishes new statements. If you are looking for an accurate, up-to-date breakdown of your charges, please refer to the “Activity detail” tab to see your new balance. If you need a detailed printout of your new statement, please email [email protected] and they will send you your account detail.

Payment Options

  • What is the Student Payment Form?

    All Pitzer Students must complete our Student Payment Form. This documents that the student has been made aware of and acknowledges our payment policies. You may obtain your Student Payment Form on your Student Portal under “Student Forms” – OnBase SSO. Please have this completed by August 1st,2024.

  • How do I sign up for a payment plan?

    On our Student Payment Form, there are two options for payment. Should you wish to opt for our monthly payment plan, check the box and your four installments will be due August 20th, September 20th, October 20th, and November 20th. You will find this on your Student Portal under “Student Forms” – OnBase SSO.

Financial Aid

  • Why can't I see my financial aid?

    Financial aid does not appear on your activity details until aid is disbursed (paid), which happens closer to the start of the semester. All aid is paid by the first week of September.

    Until aid is paid, financial aid appears on your billing statement as ‘expected financial assistance’ on the bottom left corner of your statement.

    If you do not see ‘expected financial assistance’ on your billing statement or your activity details (once school starts), it is likely due to missing documents. Go to your Student Portal, click the Fin Aid tab then Documents tab to view a list of all requested documents. Please submit any requested documents as soon as possible.

  • Why is my work-study not on my bill?

    Work-study is earned through on-campus employment and is not paid directly to your student account. Students who find on-campus employment are paid every other Friday for their time worked and the pay goes to the student directly. It is up to the student and/or their family to decide how to use those earnings.

  • Why is my loan not on my bill?

    Loans must be accepted before they are applied to your student account. Use the Self-Help Agreement to either accept, decline or reduce your loan. If you accept the loan, Financial Aid will send updated information to Student Accounts within two to three business days after receiving this form. If you decline your loan, no updates are sent.

  • If I submit my aid documents now, will my bill be updated?

    No. It usually takes a few days for financial aid to receive any documents you upload to IDOC. In addition, billing statements are only updated once a month. In order to receive an estimate of your ‘Amount Due Now’, you will have to contact Student Accounts after you receive your aid package.