Tuition and Fees – 2023-2024

Below are the standard charges made to each student for tuition, fees, and housing and food for the 2023-24 academic year.

For more information about the cost of attendance and financial aid budgets, visit the Cost of Attendance page on the Financial Aid website.

 Fall 2023Spring 2024
Student Activities Fee$150$150

Housing Charges

Students living in a residence hall will be billed the flat rate for a room according to the current academic housing rate.

Late Registration Fee: $150

Charged to all students who enroll in one or more courses after census date.

Food Charges

Students living in a residence hall are required to have a meal plan. They are billed according to the meal plan the student chooses. Should a student not choose a meal plan, they will be billed an automatic 16 – meal plan charge. See costs below:

  • 19 – meal plan: $4,641 per semester with $190 Flex Dollars
  • 16 – meal plan: $4,229 per semester with $160 Flex Dollars
  • 14 – meal plan: $4,059 per semester with $140 Flex Dollars
  • 12 – meal plan: $3,890 per semester with $120 Flex Dollars
  • 5 – meal plan: $1,630 per semester NO Flex Dollars included

Part – Time Tuition Charges (Enrolled in less than 3 courses)

Course overload Fee: $220

This fee will be charged for students that are enrolled over 5 or more courses.

2 3/4 courses$21,477
2 1/2 courses$19,498
2 1/4 courses$17,458
2 courses$15,598
1 3/4 courses$13,648
1 1/2 courses$11,699
1 1/4 courses$9,749
1 course$7,799
3/4 course$5,849
1/2 course$3,900
1/4 course$1,950