Billing & Payment Information

CASHNet Online Billing

Pitzer College does not mail out paper statements. The College uses the services of CASHNet to deliver monthly statements electronically. Statements are generated monthly and published on CASHNet for viewing 24/7, at the beginning of each month, starting on the first business day of August for the Fall 2021 semester and the first business day of January for the Spring 2022 semester. Once statements are generated, an email is sent to the student and any authorized user(s) the student has added to their CASHNet profile. Additional information regarding CASHNet, adding authorized users and frequently asked questions, can be found on the CASHNet Online Billing & Payments page.

Payment Plan Options

Pitzer College students and their families may choose between two different billing/payment schedules – a monthly payment plan or a basic plan with a single payment per semester. Please read the information below to determine which option best suits your financial needs.

  • Full Pay Option
    If you do not elect to use the Monthly Payment Plan option, you will be billed for the balance due once a semester. The Fall semester statement will be available online via CASHNet on the first business day of August and the Spring semester statement will be available the first business day of January. Statements will also be available any month thereafter in which there is an outstanding balance, recent account activity (including payments) or if there is a credit balance.
  • Monthly Pay Option
    The Pitzer College Monthly Payment Plan allows students and families to make their annual payments to the College in eight installments. No interest is charge. Payments begin with the August 2022 statement and conclude with the April 2023 statement, with no payment due in December unless there is an outstanding balance. The Monthly Payment Plan Agreement Form must be received by the Pitzer College Student Accounts Office by July 31,2022.

For students and families wanting or needing to reduce their payments under the standard monthly payment plan, there is an option to make a pre-payment prior to the initial semester statements being available in August and January. This pre-payment will reduce the remaining four payments required during the semester. Please understand that this means a payment should be made during the months of July and December, before Pitzer generates the actual bill for the semester. If a student/family chooses this option, keep in mind that our office does not send out reminder notices to remit payment during those months.

Due Dates and Payment Methods

Payments are due no later than the 20th of the month. A late fee of $50.00 is charged each month the student account remains delinquent. Pitzer College accepts payments by electronic check via CASHNet (ACH), paper check, money order or an international funds transfer via CASHNet/Convera

Please note that Pitzer College does not accept any credit or debit cards for Student Account Payments. It is Pitzer College’s policy to assess a returned item fee for any returned items, including online payments. Our office also accepts small cash payments, generally less than $100, in the Student Accounts Office. Check payments should be mailed directly to our lockbox at:

Pitzer College Financial Aid Lockbox
PO Box 849964
Los Angeles, CA 90084-9964

Student Accounts and Financial Aid work very closely with each other but are two separate departments with different functions and responsibilities. Questions regarding student loans, grants and scholarships should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. Financial Aid funds generally cannot be disbursed and posted to the student account until all required documents have been completed and are on file with the Financial Aid Office. Outside scholarships and loans (e.g., private scholarships, alternative loans, VA benefits, tuition remission) will not be posted to the student account until the funding has been received by the college. This may cause your outstanding balance to appear past due. Please do not have scholarships mailed to our bank lockbox in Los Angeles. Outside scholarships should be mailed to:

Pitzer College Financial Aid Office
1050 North Mills Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Financial Aid and Your Billing Statement

As noted above, Student Accounts and Financial Aid coordinate closely in the disbursement and posting of your financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships) to your actual student account. Generally, you will not see any actual financial proceeds posted on your initial student account statement. Towards the bottom of your student account statement, you will find an area labeled “Expected Financial Assistance”. This is the amount of financial aid that should eventually be posted towards your charges for the semester. This will not include any amount that you may be awarded for work study. Work study is paid directly to the student based on the number of hours that they work. Less work study, your “Expected Financial Assistance” is used in calculating any amount due to the College.