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Pitzer College Among Top Schools in Rankings

Claremont, Calif. (September 18, 2023)—Pitzer College again appears in the rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report. In the category of Best National Liberal Arts Colleges, U.S. News ranks Pitzer at No. 39 among 204 colleges in a tie with Denison University, Kenyon College, Spelman College, and others. U.S. News also ranks Pitzer [Read More...]
September 18, 2023
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Sagehen Athletics Leads in Academic Rankings Across Divisions

The women's lacrosse team embrace each other and cheer victoriously on the field. They wear blue Sagehens uniforms with white and orange accent colors.Claremont, Calif. (September 18, 2023)—For Pomona-Pitzer student-athletes, what happens in the classroom is just as important as what happens on the court, field, pool, or track. According to recent results from several nationwide collegiate athletic organizations, our swimming and diving teams led all divisions with women earning the highest GPA and men the second-highest GPA—outperforming Division I teams including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. Women’s lacrosse also dominated all divisions with the top GPA. Men’s track & field ranked with the second-highest GPA in Division III, while women’s track & field earned fourth in Division III. Women’s softball came in third for Division III.
September 18, 2023
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After Two NSF Fellowships, Teo Cooper ’24 Seeks to Balance People and Nature 

Teo Cooper takes a selfie in a laboratory. Cooper wears a white lab coat and has short curly dark hair. Behind Cooper are tables and shelves with tubes, bottles, and equipment.Pitzer senior Teo Cooper ’24 has completed not just one but two fellowships funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). In summer 2022, they worked in a UC Berkeley biogeochemical lab and studied soil carbon sequestration. This summer, they joined The Leadership Alliance and Harvard University’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. In this spotlight, Cooper also recalls the racial justice series that brought them to Pitzer and looks ahead to studying abroad in Southern Africa. 
September 11, 2023
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Julia Haft-Candell’s “The Yet To Be” Explores the Infinite at Pitzer College Art Galleries

Julia Haft-Candell, ceramic sculpture and details, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and Night Gallery, Los Angeles. (Photo: Nik Massey) Artist Julia Haft-Candell’s mixed-media work reflects her concept of The Infinite—a philosophy of rethinking and creating new systems. Haft-Candell will further this exploration with related exhibitions, “The Yet To Be,” opening this fall at Pitzer [Read More...]
September 8, 2023
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Joel Harper ’95 and Marcia J. Withers ’74 Honor Musician Bill Withers and Grandmas Everywhere

Joel Harper holds up the book Grandma’s Hands with one hand and points to the cover with the other hand. The front cover features an illustration of a little boy with his grandmother’s arms embracing him. Harper has short dark hair and wears sunglasses and a long-sleeved blue shirt.In 1971, Grammy-winning musician Bill Withers wrote the song "Grandma’s Hands" in honor of his maternal grandmother. The heartwarming musical tribute reached No. 18 on the Best-Selling Soul Singles chart and No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. Fifty years later, two Pitzer alumni have helped adapt it into a children’s book. Joel Harper ’95 and his company, Freedom Three Publishing, collaborated with the late Bill Withers’ wife, Marcia J. Withers ’74, and illustrator R. Gregory Christie to bring the song alive in a picture book of the same name.
August 31, 2023
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Pitzer Finalizes Collective Bargaining Agreement

The following announcement was released to the College community from Pitzer’s Office of the Treasurer earlier this week on August 21: Good Afternoon, We are pleased to announce that the CBA has been finalized. Pitzer College and UNITE HERE Local 11 will enter into a three-year collective bargaining agreement starting September 4, 2023. Overall, the [Read More...]
August 24, 2023
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Pitzer College Bestows Degrees on Three “Inside” Students in its Inside-Out Program  

There were smiles all around at the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Norco on August 8 as three students from Pitzer College’s Inside-Out Pathway-to-BA program received diplomas and walked across the stage as newly minted graduates with bachelor’s degrees. The three men—Steven Jennings ’23, Pedro Rivera ’23, and Devin Rose ’23—all completed their degrees while [Read More...]
August 23, 2023
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Pitzer College Receives $1.8 Million to Research Regenerative Farming and Solar Energy

A bright afternoon shines over a green field with long strips of blue solar panels.Claremont, Calif. (August 18, 2023)—Regenerative farming and clean energy together have the power to revolutionize Southern California’s landscape. To explore how this agricultural approach can improve regional food systems, the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) is awarding Pitzer College $1.8 million to study agrivoltaics—regenerative farming soil practices paired with solar energy production on the same land. This is the first FFAR Seeding Solutions grant for a project in Southern California.
August 18, 2023
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Pitzer Alumnus and Fulbright Scholar Becomes Fashion Model for a Cause

File this story under “other duties as assigned.” Pitzer College graduate Ben Sievers ’22 recently completed a prestigious Fulbright fellowship, which involved researching attitudes toward measles vaccination in remote Cambodian villages. Little did he know what else awaited him during his 10 months in the country. Along with other non-measles-related research projects – including looking [Read More...]
August 3, 2023