Professor José Z. Calderón Co-authors Paper on Intersectional Solidarity

José Z. CalderónGroups and people often come together over a unifying cause—racial justice, voting rights, climate change, gun violence, gender equity—to address the most pressing issues of the day. Pitzer Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies José Z. Calderón recently co-authored an article that explores how movements predominately focused on one issue can coalesce across causes. The article, “Intersectional Organizing and Educational Justice Movements: Strategies for Cross-Movement Solidarities,” appeared in a special spring 2021 issue of The Assembly: A Journal for Public Scholarship on Education, published by the University of Colorado at Boulder’s School of Education.
June 17, 2021

Bird Pairs Practice Mind-Control to Create Dovetailing Duets

Professor Melissa Coleman explores the neuroscience behind coordinated birdsong Ever wonder how pairs of songbirds sing in sync? New research from Professor of Neuroscience Melissa J. Coleman and a team of scientists explores how the brains of plain-tailed wrens keep the duet-singing birds from missing a beat. They may be talking about birds, but their [Read More...]
June 7, 2021

Short Stories from a Long Life

Margreta Klassen ’68 has written three of the 20 tales collected in Twenty of Today’s Best Short Stories, an anthology of fiction and nonfiction stories, recently published by Commonwealth Books. Klassen’s stories are titled “The Grand Stand,” “Local Celebrity,” and “A Fishy Tale.” An internationally recognized clinical psychologist, Klassen has also written a book of poetry and her memoir.
June 1, 2021

Devon Hartman ’77 Plans to (Solar) Power the Economy

Devon Hartman '77After six years of planning, CHERP Inc., the Claremont-based nonprofit founded and run by Pitzer College alumnus Devon Hartman ’77, has launched a new project called CHERP Solar Works—the world’s first nonprofit solar panel assembly factory. Based in Pomona, CA, the factory is a prototype facility for a network of nonprofit solar factories to be built in disadvantaged communities across the country.
May 27, 2021

Pitzer College Celebrates its First Inside-Out Pathway-to-BA Graduating Seniors

On Saturday, May 15, Yusef Pierce ’21 and Freddy Cisneros ’21 will participate in Pitzer College’s virtual commencement celebration from inside a medium-security prison in Norco, CA. Pierce and Cisneros are two of eight members of an initial cohort of students from the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) who have been accepted into—and will graduate from—Pitzer through the College’s new Inside-Out Pathway-to-BA program.
May 13, 2021

Academic Spotlight: Pitzer’s Inside-Out Pathway-to-BA

Pitzer College Tree from logo“The Pitzer Inside-Out Pathway-to-BA is at the heart of Pitzer College’s educational objectives and core values, particularly social and racial justice, social responsibility, and the ethical implications of knowledge and action.” Melvin L. Oliver, President, Pitzer College Innovative Education During Incarceration Damian Busby began taking college courses in prison in 2005. Fifteen years later, on [Read More...]
May 11, 2021

Putting People First

Carla Valdez '21, a mathematical economics major and first-generation STEM student, approaches the application of economics on a personal level. A two-time recipient of an Edison International STEM Scholarship, which supports Chicanx/Latinx students majoring in a STEM discipline, she is passionate about representing underrepresented students who are pursuing science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related fields.
May 10, 2021

Growing Sustainability at Pitzer’s Student Garden

In honor of Earth Day 2021, the sustainability team in Pitzer College’s Office of Facilities and Campus Services would like to share some news about plans to refresh the College’s Student Garden. Pitzer, which was recently ranked #5 on Princeton Review’s Top 50 Green Colleges list, is collaborating with campus community members to revitalize the [Read More...]
April 22, 2021

OBSA Celebrates Black History Month this February

Black History Month(February 3, 2021) – OBSA invites you to celebrate Black History Month in and around The Claremont Colleges. They are still collecting events from other organizations, so look for new programs on their social media. Stay connected with @obsaclaremont (IG) and Obsa Claremont (FB). Call for SubmissionsThe Fifth Annual Black Intersections Conference: Justice & Black [Read More...]
February 3, 2021