Alumni Benefits

Career Services
All programs offered by the Office of Career Services are available to alumni. Call Career Services for an appointment at 909.621.8519. Want to advertise an opening at your company or organization? Do you have an internship available for current students? Make sure to contact the office or visit the Career Services website.

Auditing Courses at Pitzer
Alumni may audit courses with the consent of the instructor. Such arrangements will not be officially recorded, and the auditor will not receive credit, but utilizing this opportunity is a great way to continue lifelong learning.

Gold Student Health and Wellness Center
Alumni who have retained their Pitzer ID are welcome to use the gym, and any alumni with a Pitzer email address can sign up for Yoga and Pilates classes.

Honnold-Mudd Library of The Claremont Colleges
Free of charge, all alumni may access the Claremont Colleges Library, use the collection, and borrow books. Visit the library to obtain your alumni card.

Commemorations for Life Updates
We welcome alumni to submit their updates to our office – we will send tokens of congratulations to alumni who have recently married or had a child. Please send your updates to