Young Alumni

Class of 2024 at 100 Day ’til Graduation Party on February 23, 2024

Congratulations, Class of 2024!

Welcome to GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade).

Cheers to the next chapter of your lives as Pitzer young alumni! Graduating from Pitzer doesn’t have to mean losing touch with Pitzer. The Pitzer Alumni Association is here for all alumni, whether you’re interested in events, connections, volunteering, or leadership opportunities. While you’re busy taking on the world, you can always call Pitzer home, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to the family.

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement supports the activities of the Alumni Association and the Family Association to keep alumni and families connected to each other and to Pitzer.   

Here is a quick look at what we do:  

  • Offer frequent events hosted both on and off campus as well as virtual experiences  
  • Resource for campus news and events   
  • Connection point for classmates and campus departments   
  • Support and facilitate the activities of the Alumni Board

The memories you made at Pitzer will last a lifetime; the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement provides opportunities to build new ones along the way.   

Contact us anytime! 
[email protected]

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How to Stay Connected 

Learn more about the benefits of being a Pitzer graduate by visiting our Alumni Benefits page.

We Are Always Here for You 

Have a question about something not listed? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to provide all the resources we can to you.