Young Alumni

Cheers to the next chapter of your lives as Pitzer young alumni! Graduating from Pitzer doesn’t have to mean losing touch with Pitzer. The Pitzer Alumni Association is here for all alumni, whether you’re interested in events, connections, volunteering, or leadership opportunities. While you’re busy taking on the world, you can always call Pitzer home, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to the family. Check the listings below to see all we have to offer.

The Benefits of Being a Pitzer Graduate

You invested in Pitzer, and Pitzer’s invested in you. Take advantage of resources that can help you thrive long after graduation. Benefits include:

Career Support
Career Services can help you organize your resume, search for jobs, and prep for interviews. Pitzer’s career resources are available to both students and alumni.

Impress future employers and grad schools with proof of your hard work: request an official (signed and sealed) or unofficial transcript.

…that’s not all! Click here to view more alumni benefits.

Staying Connected to Pitzer

Pitzer misses you as much as you miss Alfonso’s omelets in McConnell, studying on the Mounds, and dancing under the stars at the Grove House. You’re still a part of the Pitzer community even after graduation! Here are ways to connect:

Find Us On Social Media

Pitzer College Alumni Association
As a graduate of Pitzer, you are officially a member of the Alumni Association! You are a part of the Pitzer community for life, which means you’ll be invited to campus events, regional activities, happy hours, volunteer opportunities, and Alumni Weekend—there are lots of opportunities to keep in touch and come home to Pitzer.

Keep Us in the Loop
Let us know about your life changes! We’d love to hear about what’s going on with you, whether you’d like to update contact information or let us know about a big life event that we could include in The Participant.

Become an Alumni & Family Ambassador
Click here to find out more about ways you can volunteer and get involved with Pitzer.

Attend Virtual Events via Pitzer@Home
The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement is committed to providing resources to assist, educate, and entertain as we continue navigating these unprecedented times.

Giving Back to Pitzer

Your gift to Pitzer is important. Why? Because gifts of all sizes add up. That’s how an annual fund works! It takes many donors giving what they can to help Pitzer cover costs that can’t be met by tuition and the endowment alone.

As a graduate of Pitzer, we hope that you will give back and help steward Pitzer’s future. It’s your participation, not the size of your gift, that really counts. Foundations, corporations, and national college rankings all factor in alumni participation rates as a measure of the value and impact of a Pitzer education.

We Are Always Here for You

Have a question about something not listed? Don’t hesitate to contact us at We’ll do our best to make sure we provide all the resources we can to you.