Alumni Weekend 2024 Music and Food Festival Lineup

We can’t wait for you to join us for a weekend of nostalgia and celebration at Pitzer College’s Alumni Weekend Music and Food Festival! Immerse yourself in the vibrant tunes of our talented alumni musicians while savoring delicious culinary delights from local food trucks and vendors. Reconnect with old friends, make new memories, and experience the unique spirit of Pitzer College once again. Don’t miss this unforgettable event filled with music, food, and fun!

Confirmed Performers

Sekou Andrews ’94 
(Grammy-nominated Poetic Voice and 
2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient)

Peter Harper ’96 & The Last 3

Frankie and the Studs
(featuring Frankie Clarke ’16)

First off, Hollywood’s Frankie + the Studs rock like hell. But you can sing along while you jack your fist into the air. This spanking new quartet plays impassioned rock ’n’ roll music—the essential kind that can only be made by kids who use power-chord shout-outs and spiky lullabies to define their nighttime worlds and busted hearts.

Casa de Brujas
(featuring Jack Contreras ’22)

🥀 DarkWave | Post Punk | Femme Oscura 🥀
Explore their music available on all major platforms!

Squeakin’ Wheels
(featuring David Brock ’82, Roy Durnal ’86, and David Millard ’92)

Squeakin’ Wheels is a Claremont music group founded by siblings David and Marguerite Millard. Over the years Squeakin’ Wheels have become a Claremont fixture with a dedicated following who enjoy their close harmony vocals, fine musicianship, and great songwriting. 

Currently, Squeakin’ Wheels are a six-piece band that features Marguerite and David Millard, David Brock, Steve Cahill, Roy Durnal, and Marguerite’s husband, Mark Takeuchi.

Storey and the Tellers
(featuring Storey Sheinberg ’12)

Rock out with Claremont legends Storey Sheinberg and the Tellers!
Explore their original music here!

*This information is subject to change without notice. Please email questions to [email protected].