2016 Parent Volunteer Service Award: Frank & Ventura

Video Transcript

I think that we were inspired by other parents that we saw working with the school, especially the Bartonofs. Also the staff the administration.

Everybody here is what made it so inviting to become involved when our daughter started here in 2008. We met with a number of parents and we noticed that there were very few Latino parents in some of the events and we wondered why?

We thought, well maybe some of them are primarily spanish-speaking and they cannot get the benefit of the activities and the information that is provided.

We called lots of Latino parents and told them what we were going to do to make it an orientation type of a gathering because we needed to meet each other and be supportive of each other and when those parents left their students off at school the very first day we had lunch with them and we talked to them and then, later on they told us you know if we hadn’t had lunch with you we would have been so distressed because we left our child and we weren’t going to see them for awhile and it’s so foreign to them. But they said that it helped them over that hump.

Part of what we’ve done also is that we have given and and made a little donation of $50.00 a month. I think it is that we give. Listen it’s not much when you think of the scope of wealth that is out there. But, every little bit counts and you can’t do the same thing there are different ways to help out.

You know it so and in helping out I think my wife and I had mentioned, you gain and become I think a better person for that.