Family Weekend Schedule

NOTE: This is the schedule for Family Weekend 2018; use it for planning purposes only. Family weekend 2019 schedule coming soon! Please check back.

9 a.m.–6 p.m. Registration & Information Center
Living Room, McConnell Center

Pick up your name tag, complimentary tote bag, and schedule of events. Shop the Pitzer Store and enjoy your new Pitzer gear!
10 a.m.
1 p.m.
3 p.m.
Campus Tours
Meet at Pitzer Hall

Led by a student guide, tours last approximately one hour. You will see many aspects of our beautiful campus including a classroom, a residence hall, McConnell Dining Hall, the Gold Student Health and Wellness Center, the Keck Science Center, the Mounds, the Grove House, and much, much more. Comfortable walking shoes suggested.
Noon Lunch with the Campus Community
Dining Hall, McConnell Center

See why Pitzer’s dining hall ranks among the best in the country.
Service is available until 1:30 p.m.
Noon–5 p.m. Pitzer College Art Galleries – Open House
Nichols Art Gallery, Broad Center

Visit the gallery to explore our latest exhibition.
1:15–2:30 p.m. Races and Faces: Stereotypes, Shooting Discussions, and Implications
Steffanie Guillermo, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Fletcher 106
Data from the Department of Justice (DOJ, 2001) show that, per capita, police are approximately five times more likely to shoot a Black person than a White person—thus, knowing only information about race, the chance of being killed by police quintuples for a Black individual compared to a White individual. These racial disparities have inspired research examining how various factors—from stereotypes, to threat perception, to the visual processing of faces—may influence these disparities. Social Psychologist Dr. Steffanie Guillermo will discuss her and her colleagues’ research on racial bias in two domains: shooting decisions and face perception. Dr. Guillermo will integrate these lines of research to provide a multifaceted understanding of bias in shooting decisions. She will propose a novel avenue by which these race-based disparities may (in part) occur, and also discuss implications of this novel avenue for reducing these disparities.
3–3:45 p.m. Pomona-Pitzer Athletics: Orange, Blue, and What’s New!
Pomona College, Rose Hills Theatre, Smith Campus Center*
Coming off the most successful season in Sagehen Athletics history, Pomona-Pitzer Director of Athletics Lesley Irvine and other key athletics department leaders will provide exciting updates and insights into the varsity athletics program. In this interactive and Q&A session, we will explore elements of creating and supporting a positive student-athlete experience, the Division III athletics experience, and opportunities for athletics and health and wellness on campus at large. Join your Pomona College friends for a valuable exchange of ideas and updates.
*Transportation to Pomona College will be provided at 2:30 in front of the Avery Gates off of Mills Avenue. Transportation back to Pitzer will be provided immediately following the program.
3–5 p.m.


Climate Change, Climate Justice: Organizing in the Face of a Changing Planet
Benson Auditorium

This symposium will feature three dynamic speakers—Dr. Geeta Persad, Ryan Camero, and Nwamaka Agbo—who are deeply involved in climate science research and activism around climate justice. This event will engage students, parents, and the broader public around the challenges posed by the climate crisis while also envisioning creative ways forward to more hopeful and fossil-free futures.
3:25–4:40 p.m. Pitzer Career Roundtable: Career Conversations in Law, Finance, and Consulting*
Broad Performance Space, Broad Center
During this Family Weekend event, Pitzer students are invited to network with members of Pitzer’s Board of Trustees, Alumni Board, and Parent Leadership Council who have professional experience in law, finance, and consulting.*Open to students only
4–5:30 p.m. Open House: Black Student Union (BSU)
Pitzer Hall, Third Floor

BSU is a group that celebrates Black and African heritage. This open is house is a great opportunity to learn more about the organization and its variety of events.
5 p.m. Dinner with the Campus Community
Dining Hall, McConnell Center

Service is available until 7:30 p.m.
5:15–6:45 p.m. Pitzer Society Reception and Silent Auction (by invitation only)
Multipurpose Room, Gold Student Health and Wellness Center
Pitzer Society* members and their students are invited to attend this special pre-dinner gathering with President Melvin L. Oliver, Suzanne Oliver, the Pitzer College Board of Trustees, and faculty.
6:45–9 p.m. Pitzer Society Dinner and Live Auction (by invitation only)
Founders Room, McConnell Center
Hosted by President Melvin L. Oliver, Suzanne Oliver, and the Pitzer College Board of Trustees, this annual event during Family Weekend recognizes members of the Pitzer Society. The Pitzer Society is open to all donors who annually give $1,963—the founding year of Pitzer College—or more. Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate students at this dinner. All proceeds from the Pitzer Society Silent and Live Auctions will benefit Student Research Awards and the Pitzer Internship Fund.


8–9 a.m. Rise and Shine: Meditation and Yoga
Clock Tower, Brant Field
Start your day with some mindful stretching. Mats provided; limited space available; registration required.
8:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Registration & Information Center
Living Room, McConnell Center

Pick up your nametag, complimentary tote bag, schedule of events, and an energizing snack. Shop the Pitzer Store and enjoy your new Pitzer gear!
9:30 a.m.–10:50 a.m. Core Values in Action: Part One
Participate in the informative and interactive session of your choice.
Keck Science Tour + Lecture
Dr. Ulysses J. “UJ” Sofia, Dean, W.M. Keck Science Department
Ground Level Lobby, Keck Science Building
The Enigmatic Universe
The Universe as we currently understand it is a strange and wonderful thing. Its extra dimensions, hardwired unpredictability, and composition (97% of which we understand very little about, other than that it is not matter or energy as we know it) make it unintuitive even to its inhabitants, us. This lecture will discuss some of the oddities of our Universe, with the hope that it will change your outlook on the place you live.
Protecting Your Magic: Self-Care Beyond Pampering
Nick Daily, Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Black Student Affairs
Fletcher Hall 110
As a result of participation in this workshop, participants will be able to articulate how they engage in social justice spaces, gauge their level of burnout, understand the multiple types of relationships and communities and the impact on their lives, evaluate the amount of emotional labor needed for interactions with peers, colleagues, friends, and strangers, and create realistic goals they hope to implement to foster inclusive communities.
American Memory, American History
Stuart McConnell, Professor of History
Broad Hall 210
We are sometimes told that Americans don’t know their own history—or, conversely, that their memories have been tainted by the insidious doctrines of “political correctness” in the classroom and in textbooks. In this session, Professor McConnell aims to refute both of these tales through a modest participatory exercise.
10 a.m.–1 p.m. Brunch with the Campus Community
Dining Hall, McConnell Center
Join us for a great meal, fantastic conversation, and wonderful company.
10 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Open House: Center for Asian Pacific American Students
Mead Hall 132
The Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS) is a student support center that provides the Pitzer community with Asian American and Pacific Islander resources and programming. We offer educational, social, and cultural programming. Come learn about CAPAS programs, resources, and workshops.
11–11:50 a.m. Core Values in Action: Part Two
Participate in the informative and interactive session of your choice.
  Natural History + Art
Paul Faulstich, Professor of Environmental Analysis
Scott Hall 230
Using motion- and infrared-triggered trail cameras, Professor Faulstich documents animals and their behaviors in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains near Claremont. His work with wildlife demographics is used to inform regional environmental management policy. In this illustrated talk, he presents photos and video clips of fauna and introduces us to environmental art based on his documentations. Infused with California natural history, Professor Faulstich explores how we simultaneously alter nature and place nature on an altar, inviting us to imagine a different relationship with the more-than-human world.
What Planet Are You From? Studying Language and Gender
Carmen Fought, Professor of Linguisti
Fletcher Hall 104
Popular books tell us that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but do men and women really speak differently? If so, why? And perhaps more importantly, are men and women *perceived* differently when they speak? Professor Fought will share some of the insights from linguistic research on language and gender as well as discuss the implications of these findings for the workplace and other settings.
Study Abroad: A Student’s Perspective
Michael Ballagh
, Associate Vice President for International Programs, and a Student Panel
Avery Hall 201
This session will explore the variety and vitality of our international programs and the impact that they have on our students’ appreciation for global diversity.
Noon–4 p.m. Alumni Board Meeting (closed meeting)
Members of the Pitzer Alumni Board will meet to discuss upcoming alumni events and opportunities.
1:15–2:30 p.m. Core Values in Action: Part Three
Participate in the informative and interactive session of your choice.
Tour: Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability
Brinda Sarathy, Director, Robert Redford Conservancy (RRC)
Meet in the Scott Hall Courtyard
The RRC not only serves as a locus to facilitate action on Pitzer’s sustainability commitments, but it is also a leader in innovative academic programming and interdisciplinary education around environmental challenges. Academically driven by the liberal arts and guided by Pitzer College’s core values of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, the RRC engages
interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to environmental problem solving. The Redford Conservancy aims to promote both the longevity of Southern California’s natural environment and the wellbeing of its peoples.
Comfortable walking shoes suggested.
Photography, Ruins, and Re-Imagining the Archive
Tarrah Krajnak, Assistant Professor of Art: Photography
Avery Hall 201
Professor Krajnak will discuss her recent photographic work.
The Challenge of Immigration Reform
Adrian Pantoja, Professor of Political Studies and Chicano Studies

Broad Hall 210
Since the 1980s, unauthorized immigration to the US has become a contentious political issue. The last major piece of legislation to address undocumented immigration was in 1986 with the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). However, unauthorized immigration remains a contentious issue and both political parties have failed to address this ongoing dilemma. Political Studies and Chicano Studies Professor Adrian Pantoja will address why immigration reform is difficult to achieve and whether the current administration has the capacity to enact Donald Trump’s desired immigration agenda.
2:45–4 p.m. Core Values in Action: Part Four
Participate in the informative and interactive session of your choice.
Evolution of Eyes
Lars Schmitz, Assistant Professor of Biology
Fletcher 112

Eyes are wonderfully complex structures found in nearly a third of all animal phyla. In this lecture, Schmitz will explain the evolution of eyes through the principles of natural selection, where even simple eyes can be beneficial for the organism. Eye evolution in general is heavily influenced by adaptive evolution, i.e., eye function often matches the physical requirements of a given environment (but is never perfect!). Schmitz will illustrate eye adaptations to different light environments with examples from dinosaurs, geckos, whales, and fish.
Tuna or Not Tuna? That is the Question.
Marcos Rios, Executive Chef of Bon Appétit at Pitzer College
Demonstration Kitchen, West Hall
Today, people are looking for more ways to incorporate plant-forward options into their menus even if they are not vegetarian or vegan. But skeptics wonder, “Can it still be creative and taste good?” Executive Chef Marcos Rios shares a few tricks on how to make innovative and flavorful plant-forward options in this session.
The Mindful Child: Mindfulness and its Connections to Parenting and Development
Mita Banerjee, Professor of Psychology
Broad Hall 214
In recent years, much attention has been focused on the concept of mindfulness, the focus of bringing one’s attention to the experiences and sensations of the present moment. How has mindfulness been used in work with at-risk children, and in what ways can it impact parent-child interactions? What are the practical applications of mindfulness in a developmental context, and what are the boundaries and limitations of such approaches? Attend this session with Professor Banerjee to discuss evidence-based practices that speak to these questions.
4:15–5:30 p.m. A Conversation with President Melvin L. Oliver
Benson Auditorium
We hope you will join us for this special family weekend event! The event will begin with a performance by the 5C improvisational group Without A Box. We will also announce the recipient of the Parent Volunteer Service Award and celebrate the winners of the Parent Challenge. This portion of the evening will culminate in remarks given by President Melvin L. Oliver. Make sure to follow us over to the Celebration Dinner!
5:30–7:30 p.m. Family Weekend Celebration Dinner
Dining Hall, McConnell Center

Families and students are invited to this celebration dinner. Wear your Pitzer orange!
7:45–9 p.m. Open Mic Night
Grove House
Join your student for open microphone performances and the Grove House’s famous cookies!


8–9 a.m. Rise and Shine: Meditation and Yoga
Clock Tower, Brant Field

Start your day with some mindful stretching. Mats provided; limited space available; registration required.
9–10:30 a.m. Parent Leadership Council (open meeting)
Founders Room, McConnell Center

The PLC serves as the official representative body for Pitzer parents. Come learn about this leadership board and how you can become more involved as a volunteer.
10:30 a.m. Brunch with the Campus Community
Dining Hall, McConnell Center

Service is available until 12:30 p.m.


All Day Be a Pitzer Student for a Day!
Join your student for classes on Pitzer’s campus. A class schedule will be provided at registration.
10 a.m.–Noon Office Hours
Stop by Pitzer College administrative offices to meet the staff and get your questions answered about the services they provide.

  • Office of Admission
  • Office of College Advancement/Pitzer Store
  • Office of Career Services
  • Office of the Dean of Faculty
  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Office of the President
  • Office of Student Accounts
  • Office of Student Affairs
  • Office of Study Abroad and International Programs
4:15 p.m. The Sun, the Scientific Method, and the Corruption of Science
Distinguished Scientist Endowed Lecture
Dr. Ulysses J. “UJ” Sofia, Dean, W.M. Keck Science Department
Benson Auditorium
Keck Dean UJ Sofia will discuss his research on the variability of the solar radius on timescales relevant to climate change. The data used for this study were obtained with a small, million-dollar, balloon-borne instrument called the Solar Disk Sextant (SDS). The SDS results contradict those from a billion-dollar satellite that financially supports the work of hundreds of scientists. The scientific peer-review process has hindered funding and publication of SDS research based on the fact that the instrument challenges the satellite’s results. Money and politics are becoming more prevalent in decision making about what science is pursued. Dean Sofia will discuss this dangerous trend that taints the purity of the process and opens the door to questioning scientific integrity and validity.

* Schedule is Subject to Change