Community Impact

CASA Pitzer | Fall 2021 Research Symposium

Presentations by:

  • Anton Van Schaik | Huerta del Valle
  • Helen Chirigos | YMAN/Gente Organizada
  • Michaela Jones | SOI
  • Noah Bleakley | the Arts Area/ EAYIKES
  • Saomai Nguyen | MALO
  • Tess Gibbs | SOI
  • Erin Mathieu | Huerta del Valle
  • Isabel Detre | WWRC
  • Dominick Yu | YMAN
  • Toni Mushett | SOI
  • Lesly Chavarria | IC4IJ/PLACE
  • Rob Levine | Huerta del Valle

CASA Pitzer | Spring 2021 Research Symposium

Presentations by:

  • Know Justice, Know Peace Research Team
  • Amanda Gomez | IC4IJ and PLACE
  • Melanie Andrea & Shani Sharma | IC4IJ
  • Sonya Hadley | SOI
  • Michael Griggs | SOI
  • Mateo Henriquez | IEIYC
  • Tyler Benedict | WWRC
  • Vivianna Plancarte |WWRC
  • Chaiyia Taylor- Jackson | YMAN
  • Sophia Arens | the Arts Area
  • Daisy Chaudruc | the Arts Area
  • Baylen Altizer | Huerta del Valle

Pitzer Art Galleries in collaboration with CASA Partner, Arts Area

The Arts Area

Art Counts: A Quantitative Analysis of Arts Education in the Ontario, CA Area | Hui, Spring 2020

The Arts Area: Arts Edication in Ontario | Mungia and Levine, Summer 2020 CGU

Inland Arts: An Examination of Potential Growth, Economic and Educational Infastructures for the Inland Empire’s Artistic Community | Chaudruc, Spring 2021

Huerta del Valle

Current Community Needs and Potential Response Strategies a Huerta del Valle- Ontario | Brown, Fall 2019

Can CSA Boxes Fight Food Insecurity? | Cook and Martin, Spring 2020

Fundraising Futures for Community Gardens | Altizer, Spring 2021

Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice (IC4IJ)

Legalizaiton of Street Vending: Examining the Effects on Vendors in the Inland Empire | Ortiz and Young, Fall 2019

Promoting Financial Stability for Street Vendors in the Inland Empire and Great California | Greenberg and Meadows, Spring 2020

Sidewalk Vending: Community-Based Research | Holkenbrink and Monk Summer 2020 CGU

Street Vending in the Age of Covid 19 | Gomez, Fall 2020

Building, Rebuilding, and Maintaining Trust Between Grassroots Organizers and the Immigrant Community in the Inland Empire | Andreo and Sharma, Spring 2021

Presentation: Building, Rebuilding and Maintaining Trust Between Grassroots Organizers and the Immigrant Community in the Inland Empire | Andrea and Sharma, Spring 2021

Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective (IEIYC)

Youth Engagement in the Immigrant Community and the 2020 Census | Radecki, Fall 2019

Examining Educational Equity for Undocumented High School Immigrant Students & The Effects of Covid 19 | Nguyen, Spring 2020

Undocuqeer: Navigating a Gendered Language in the Intersections of Undocumented & Queer | Henriquez, Spring 2021

Motivating Action Leadership Opportunities (MALO)

Weaving Histories: Indigenous Representations & Reproductions | Brashear, Fall 2019

Riverside All of Us or None/Starting Over, Inc.

Effects and Reimagining of In-Person Visitation: Support for AB964 | Cerit

A Ticking Time Bomb: the Impact of Covid 19 on the Incarceration System| Advocacy, Policy and Politics | Chourreau, Lyon, and De Troy, Spring 2020

Starting Over Horowitz

Dialing In: Implementing the Riverside Jail Supportline | Cohen, Fall 2020

Riverside Jail Closures: Assessing the True Costs of Jails on Communities in Riverside County | Hadley, Fall 2020

2021 Riverside County Budget Proposal: A Gateway to Change | Pantell, Fall 2020

Improving County Jail Conditions: A Community Approach | Griggs, Spring 2021

Presentation: Improving County Jail Conditions: A Community Approach | Griggs, Spring 2021

Warehouse Workers Resource Center (WWRC)

Counter Surveillance: from Reductionist to Reactionary | Madhok, Spring 2020

How to Build Collective Resistance within the Warehouse Worker: Start with Healing Resistance | Kent, Fall 2020

Covid 19 Impact on Inland, Empire, Immigrant Communities, and the Warehouse Industry | Benedict, Spring 2021

Exploring the Experience of Warehouse Worker Resource Center Promoters : Evaluating Covid 19 Worker Outreach Project Strategies | Plancarte, Spring 2021