CASA Pitzer

Critical Action & Social Advocacy: Community Engagement and Cultural Immersion Program

Critical Action & Social Advocacy (CASA, formerly known as Pitzer in Ontario) is a justice-oriented, interdisciplinary, community engagement and cultural immersion program focused on community-based research. With theoretical foundations in the social sciences and a strong emphasis on experiential education, the program engages theories, strategies and research praxis tools for social change and community-building. These efforts are informed by community engagement practicums with community organizations, city agencies, and non-profits in order to identify and address pressing community issues. The CASA Pitzer academic program engages students, staff, faculty and community partners in collaborative projects and community-based participatory research on regional equity and justice pertaining to issues of incarceration, immigration, education, environment, labor, art, culture and health. All classes and many of the internships are held at CASA Pitzer, our storefront community hub located six miles from the Pitzer campus, which houses many of our partner organizations, hosts many community events and trainings, and is equipped as a community-based smart classroom. Students must take the two core CASA courses simultaneously: ONT 101 PZ -Critical Community Studies and ONT 105 PZ -Research Methods for Community Change. Due to the intensive 125-hour internships, fieldtrips and writing components of this program, students earn three credits for these two courses. CASA program core courses count toward majors in Sociology, Environmental Analysis, Organizational Studies, American Studies, and International/Intercultural Studies and fulfill the Intercultural Understanding-Domestic educational objective as well as the Social Justice Theory and Social Responsibility Praxis educational objectives.

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    Interested in booking the CASA Pitzer space in Ontario, CA? Our facilities are ready to use and are smart tv and projector ready for any type of meeting, presentation, or workshop. Our CASA furniture is also easily movable so you can organize the space to fit your organization’s specific needs. For rules and CASA procedures please refer to the form link below. If you are interested in using the CASA space please submit a CASA Reservation Request using the link below:

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