CASA House Rules and COVID Guidelines

In addition to our general space rules we have implemented additional COVID Protocols to be practice by every individual visiting/using this space


+ All users of this space must log on to Healthy Pitzer (as a guest) to fill out the Health Screening Questionnaire; it takes less than a minute.

+ Users of this space must indicate to CASA program staff if they have any symptoms and/or believe they’ve had exposure to COVID at any point and immediately get tested. Should you have symptoms or be exposed, you must quarantine and not use the space.

+ CASA provides free masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. You must use these in the space to clean and disinfect before and after each use.

For more information about Covid protocols, testing services, and Monkeypox, please visit these resources:

CASA House Rules

+ Keep the space clean & clean up after yourself.

+ Turn off all lights and AC before leaving.

+ No loud music unless previously agreed upon.

+ Do not leave food out after event/space usage.

+ Help protect the hardwood floors by picking up chairs, tables, etc. Do not slide objects across the floor.

+ Do not use water or soap on wood floor.

+ No alcohol is allowed in the CASA space.

+ Do not park in back parking lot. Park on the street or in the lot to your left off Transit (Facing East) or on Emporia, Palm and Laurel where there is plenty of parking.

+ No events may take place after 9 pm but cleanup can happen between 9-9:30 pm, if quiet.

+ Please socialize in the front exterior of the building as opposed to the rear.

+ Please use the dumpster in the back parking lot to dispose of trash. Trash should be emptied upon leaving the space.

+ The dumpster key is located on the hanging ring in both restrooms.

+ Please make sure to follow our COVID guidelines, and be aware that they are subject to change.