Academic Field Excursions

Field Excursions are a central component of ONT 101 Critical Community Studies and expand on course themes that explore critical spatial analysis, environmental racism, housing/homelessness, immigration, urban agriculture, arts and culture, and education. Some Field Excursions vary from semester to semester depending on CASA Pitzer professors’ expertise and academic field group, as well as the general climate of what is occurring politically and socially during the current semester.

Ontario Drive Through & Downtown Ontario Walking Field Excursion

Students are expected to become familiar with the landscape of the Inland Empire, cutting across space, place, politics, culture, and geographical landscape. At the beginning of the semester students take a drive through tour of the near 50 square miles of the City of Ontario, seeing first hand how rapidly the landscape changes within our home city. This trip provides some context of what our community partners and local residents must navigate in the Inland Southern California region.