Writing Center Mission Statement

The study and practice of writing are integral to a liberal arts education. In support of the college’s mission and educational objectives, the Pitzer Writing Center fosters inquiry about writing across the curriculum through individual consultations, research, and resources on writing and its instruction, including workshops, reference works, and handouts. The meaningful participation of students in center governance and program design is a core Writing Center value.

Mission in Practice

Writing Center consultations and workshops are designed to facilitate student engagement, a core Pitzer value.  In consultations, students engage in talk that prompts them to reflect on their choices as writers, clarify and deepen their thinking, frame their projects for specific audiences and purposes, or test new approaches to the writing process–all with the goal of nurturing the habits of mind that support thoughtful inquiry.

Through programming and consultations, the Writing Center also creates community around writing. We believe learning to write is a life-long pursuit and all writers benefit from focused feedback on works-in-progress. We listen carefully to writers, giving their ideas attention and respect, and often tailor our approach in response to articulated needs. At the same time, we help writers identify strategies and resources for situating their perspectives in larger public conversations. All Writing Center Fellows participate in ongoing tutor education to give them a theoretical foundation for their work.

To advance these goals, we offer:

  • Individual consultations for writers on projects in any discipline
  • Workshops on academic and professional writing
  • Workshops on the teaching of writing
  • Fellowship support through specialized consultations and peer consultants embedded in the Fulbright courses
  • Writing consultations for international students
  • Handouts and reference works on academic writing
  • Teaching resources for interested Pitzer faculty
  • Collaborations with students, faculty, librarians, and staff around writing, research, and teaching
  • Experiential learning and leadership opportunities for Pitzer Writing Center Fellows
  • Research opportunities in writing studies through conference participation, program-building, and curricular design

Special thanks to the Writing Center’s 2013-14 Fellows, who helped draft and revise our mission statement in Spring 2014. Special thanks to Fellows enrolled in WRIT100, who helped revise this document in October 2014. The mission statement was further refined in Fall 2016 to reflect current programming and goals.