Resources for Writing Fellows

Two sections of WRIT100a are now offered during the Fall 2020 Semester: Wednesdays from 11am-12:15pm, and Fridays from 1:15pm-2:30pm.

  • About WRIT100a: Writing Center Theory and Praxis

    “Good writers are born, not made”—so the common misconception goes. Yet research shows us writing is a social practice developed through regular practice, challenging new tasks, and constructive feedback. In the seminar, WRIT100a: Writing Center Theory and Praxis, we investigate theories from writing studies to examine our own diverse experiences in writing. What does it mean to call something “good” writing? What ideological and cultural assumptions underwrite definitions? What can scholars tell us about why so many of us struggle with the writing process? And what are some strategies we can use to help ourselves and others grow as writers? Aimed at students interested in cultivating the habits of effective writers, educators, this class is both theoretical and practical in its orientation.

    Two sections of WRIT100a is offered during the Fall 2020 Semester:

    1. Section 1: Fridays from 1:15pm – 2:30pm (PT)
    2. Section 2: Wednesdays from 11am – 12:15pm (PT)

    Students and Writing Fellows can enroll in section 1 or 2 of WRIT100a. Check out this video for more information about WRIT100a during the Fall 2020 Semester:

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  • Writing Fellow Orientation and Training Schedule

    The Writing Fellow Orientation and Training for Fall 2020 is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th and September 5th from 10am-3pm (PT), with a break from 12pm-1pm (PT).

    If you are a Writing Fellow and have a conflict with orientation or training, please email us at

  • Writing Fellow Staff Meeting Schedule

    Due to COVID-19, there will be two staff meetings during the Fall semester. We will use staff meeting time for professional development, debriefing, and important announcements and planning.

    Check out this list for the Spring ’21 staff meeting and Getting to the Core training schedule.

  • Embedded Writing Center Fellow Resources

    Each fall several Writing Center Fellows are embedded in the IGLAS seminars that prepare students to apply for research and teaching Fulbright Fellowships. To prepare them for this work, they undergo 3-4 hours of training in fellowship writing and in their role in the course and are labeled “Fellowship Specialists” on the Writing Center’s scheduler.

    In Fall 2021 the Writing Center launched a pilot to embed Writing Center Fellows in First-Year Seminars.There is a “light touch” and more intensive version of the collaboration. Fellows participating in the pilot may find these resources helpful as they plan their conversations with faculty and help facilitate in-class peer review.

    • Faculty Handout on the Embedded Fellows Pilot, including a clarification of the different options, Fellow and faculty roles, and conversation starters for meetings with Fellows.
    • A handout on Transparent Assignment Design to help faculty reflect on whether their assignments are successful in clarifying their purpose and goals clearly to students.
    • An online resource on how to plan and guide peer review sessions in class, including doing a “mock” workshop with a sample student essay, having students write cover letters in advance or complete worksheets on the spot, and coaching students on how to integrate feedback into the revision process.

    If faculty would like the Writing Center to help facilitate workshops on elements of writing (e.g., the introduction, the thesis statement, use of sources, structure, etc.), feel free to reach out to We have handouts and workshop scripts on a variety of topics related to academic and other public genres of writing.