Multilingual Support

The Writing Center’s Assistant Director, Stephanie Liu-Rojas, offers a limited number of individual writing consultations with international students, English language learners, and multilingual students, providing specialized feedback to compliment the advice students receive from faculty and trained Writing Center Fellows.

To sign up for an appointment with Stephanie visit our online scheduler.

What could these specialized consultations look like?

  • Brainstorming approaches to upcoming assignments early in the semester to help you get off to a good start.
  • Thinking through strategies for finding and utilizing sources to support your arguments.
  • Talking openly about ways that American academic writing styles may be different from styles in other cultures.
  • Exploring ways to structure a paper to develop an effective argument.
  • Unpacking the role of introductions and conclusions
  • Looking together at sample strong papers in your major to explore what strategies and “moves” successful writers use to make compelling arguments.
  • Discussing course readings and how they might relate to your papers and the arguments you want to make.
  • Brainstorming counter-arguments and how to address them to make your paper stronger.
  • Talking through issues of culture and other background info that American students may bring to the assignment but which may cause confusion for students from a different cultural background.
  • Thinking through good questions to ask your professors to clarify expectations for assignments.
  • Looking at patterns of grammar errors to help you become more aware of trouble spots and learn to catch and fix your own common errors.
  • Other types of support that you would find helpful!

Questions? Email Stephanie at [email protected].