Writing Center Team

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Andrea Scott

Andrea Scott, Faculty Director (sabbatical FA22)

Andrea Scott is associate professor of academic writing (Ph.D., University of Chicago). Before coming to Pitzer in Fall 2013 (and earning tenure in 2019!), she taught in the Princeton Writing Program for five years, where she also served as an associate director. She has dedicated her career to teaching writing because she’s committed to helping students use their writing to participate in consequential conversations across the curriculum. Her current scholarship tackles two broad questions: how are writing cultures shaped by diverse social contexts? And how might we use the answers to this question to teach and tutor writing in new ways?  She hails from San Diego, considers Berlin her second home, and has lived and studied in many parts of the world, including Oakland, Chicago, Munich, Florence, and New York. She enjoys hiking, experimental poetry, and unusual perfumes (one of her favorites smells like books).

Stephanie Liu-Rojas, Interim Director and Writing Instructor

With a MAT in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from USC, Stephanie is trained to work with international and multilingual students in writing and speaking. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Educational Studies at the Claremont Graduate University. Cover letters, resumes, personal statements, and brainstorming are her favorite types of appointments. When she isn’t studying or researching ways to be more inclusive, diverse, and equitable in her teachings, Stephanie indulges in vegan chocolate, travel products, clothes, and accessories, nature, children’s adventure series, and action movies.

Sophie Adler ’23, Fellow
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Sophie (she/her/hers) is a senior from Portland, Oregon studying Political Studies and Legal Studies. On campus, she is a part of the women’s club basketball team and organizes for prison abolition and restorative justice. In her free time, Sophie enjoys playing pickleball and word games (especially bananagrams), listening to podcasts, and discovering new music. Through the Writing Center, she is excited to build community and help students develop their confidence as writers.

Angel Barraza ’24, Fellow
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Angel is a third-year at Pitzer from Pomona California. He is currently looking to major in Sociology, and minor in Chicanx/Latinx studies. On campus, he is involved with First-Gen Club, Pitzer Latinx Student Union (LSU), and a Mellon Mays Fellow (MMUF). In his free time, Angel enjoys playing and listening to music and chatting with friends. As a Writing Fellow, he hopes to help students become confident in their writing.

Neha Basu ’24, Head Fellow
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Neha (she/her) is a junior at Pitzer from Rhode Island. She is a combined Psychology and Sociology major, and hopes to attend law school after graduating with a focus on public interest. Outside of the Writing Center, she serves as a student senator on the Faculty Executive Committee and a research assistant for the Social Cognition Lab. Her goals as a Writing Fellow are to build her peers’ confidence in their own writing and learn more about other academic fields through the writing that students bring to appointments. A former theater kid, Neha loves to sing karaoke, cook, and talk about her cat!

Sanjana Bhatnagar ’23, Fellow
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Sanjana is a senior majoring in Philosophy and Environmental Analysis. Through sessions at the Writing Center, she is excited to learn about various concepts by way of the perspectives of her peers. In return, she hopes to bring joy to the sometimes daunting task of writing. 

Jacob Brittain ’23, Head Fellow
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Jacob (he/him) is a fourth-year at Pitzer from El Cajon, California pursuing a double major in History and Political Studies and a minor in Biology with a focus on ecological biology. In addition to working at the Writing Center, he is involved as a Resident Assistant, Student Success Initiative Fellow, Curriculum Committee Member, Southwest Asian North African Association President, Mixed Identity Exchange member, an active member of Students for Justice in Palestine, and a deeply engaged Pitzer community member. Outside the classroom, he enjoys spending time with his cat (Amirrah), growing plants and gardening, watching a good movie, hanging out with family and friends, engaging in politics, and having meaningful, deep discussions with others.

Diego Borgsdorf ’24, Head Fellow
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Diego is a third-year from Los Angeles, California majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Spanish. Outside of the Writing Center, Diego is involved in Student Senate, the Latinx Student Union, and the Spanish Conversation program. Through the Writing Center, he is excited both to help people best present their unique perspectives and to learn from those he will work with. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, gardening, and playing with his dogs.

Molly Chien ’25, Fellow (Abroad S23)

Molly (she/her) is a second year at Pitzer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is majoring in Environmental Analysis with an Asian American Studies minor and is passionate about Food Justice and mutual aid work. While on campus, she’s involved with the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), the Pitzer Community Fridge Collective, and the Pitzer Student Garden. Molly loves to spend time outside, bake various desserts, as well as knit and crochet her own clothes. At the Writing Center, she is committed to making the writing process less daunting and helping her peers gain confidence in their writing skills.

Wallis Edwards ’23, Head Fellow
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Wallis is a senior and History Major from New York City. She interns at a jewelry company focused on funding female-run startups and loves to discuss anything jewelry related. After finding the writing center helpful during her first year, she’s excited to pass along her knowledge and learn more. She loves crosswords, the real housewives, the beach, and nail art.

Angel Feliz ’23, Head Fellow
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Angel is a senior from New York City studying biology and anthropology. He is eager to assist others with their brainstorming, editing, and proofreading stages of writing and is excited to challenge others to improve their writing skills through conversation and dialogue. He enjoys reading about science, manga, and politics in his spare time, as well as playing music. Lastly, they enjoy working on a wide range of writing styles, including but not limited to science and career-related materials like lab reports, resumes, CVs, fellowships, internships, and graduate school applications!

Ava Francis-Hall ’24, Fellow (Abroad S23)

Ava (she/her) is a junior from San Francisco, CA majoring in Political Studies with a minor in Economics. On campus, Ava is a news writer for TSL and executive board member of the Pitzer QT Alliance. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar and making Spotify playlists for her friends. Ava sees writing as a special medium for one’s voice and unique perspective. She is excited to collaborate with students in any stage of their writing process!  

Jack Friedman ’23, Fellow
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Jack Friedman (they/he) is a Senior from New York City majoring in Writing and Rhetoric and minoring in Spanish. Jack was born and raised bilingually and has a fascination with the connection between language and education and the way that people communicate with each other. He currently uses these interests and skills to make Instagram templates at his job. In his free time Jack loves to cook and mix drinks, getting creative in the kitchen whenever possible. 

Abigail Gross ’25, Fellow
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Abigail (she/her) is a sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland hoping to major in Environmental Analysis and Creative Writing. As is evident from her choice in major, she finds creative expression through words and hopes to share that love of language with the Pitzer community. She loves the excitement of a brainstorm and can’t wait to see all the incredible things Pitzer students are thinking and writing about. In her free time, she enjoys crossword puzzles, long train rides, vodka pasta, and leisurely walks on sunny days.

Grace Jackson ’24, Fellow
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Grace is a junior from West Linn, Oregon majoring in STS and History. She plays lacrosse and is interested in both medieval religious history in the Mediterranean, as well as the ethical issues that have risen from the spread of the internet. As a writer, Grace loves to work with others to develop their own unique ideas and perspective through writing. In her free time she enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. 

Talya Kaltman-Kron ’23, Head Fellow
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Talya (she/her) is a fourth-year student from Portland, Oregon studying Sociology and Spanish. At Pitzer, Talya is also an Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault and is involved in various art and outdoor groups on campus.  In her free time, you can find her doodling, going on picnics, or taking walks to pick flowers. Working at the Writing Center allows Talya to combine her love for storytelling and conversation with supporting students in their academic and personal endeavors.

Ang Lee ’25, Fellow
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Ang (he/him) is a second-year from Oakland, California. As a tentative political studies major who is also Hapa (half-asian), he is particularly passionate about topics of identity, community, and power. On campus, he is also a staff intern at the Center for Asian Pacific American Students. Aside from school Ang loves trying new food, meeting new people, and spending time with friends. Writing is truly something Ang has passion for, and he’s excited to meet and help students with their essays this year!

Ryann Liljenstolpe ’24, Fellow (Abroad S23)

Ryann is a third-year from Santa Cruz, California. They are majoring in studio art and critical art studies with concentrations in ceramics and curatorial studies. They are passionate about addressing harm that “standard” academic models have caused, especially to fellow neurodivergent students. As a Writing Fellow, they want to support and encourage their peers to fall in love with their own voices as creatives and intellectuals. Outside of class, they enjoy baking, playing video games, watching video essays, and learning fun facts.

Huei Ming Lim ’25, Fellow
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Huei (she/her) is a sophomore at Pitzer College currently majoring in psychology. She is also a research assistant for the Global Mental Health Lab and is passionate about psychological research, particularly the clinical field. The Writing Center was a huge help to her during her first year and always felt like a safe space. Her goal is to help students find their voice in their writing and to encourage their creativity to flow. In her free time Huei enjoys drawing, doing karaoke and hanging out with friends.

Auggie Lodise ’23, Fellow
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Auggie is a senior from California, Hawai’i, Virginia, and Oregon. Majoring in geology and minoring in history, his interests also include international relations and environmental analysis. Auggie is looking forward to meeting new people with new perspectives, and is excited to support other students as they work toward their writing goals.

Liam Madigan ’23, Fellow
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Liam is a senior from the Bay Area majoring in Critical Global Studies and American Studies. On campus, they also have done work with IGLAS, APAC, the Queer/Trans+ Student Alliance, and more! In their free time, they like to spend time with friends, read, and binge-watch TV shows. Through the Writing Center, they hope to collaborate with students to reduce the stress that comes with communicating ideas through writing.

Aydin Mallery ’24, Fellow
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Aydin (he/him) keeps busy through his work with the Theatre and Dance Department and the 5C student-run production company, Spotlight Musical Theatre. In his free time, Aydin sings and plays piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and bass.

Cece Malone ’24, Head Fellow
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Cece Malone (she/they) is a junior at Pitzer from San Francisco, California. She is passionate about climate justice and is currently studying environmental analysis and music. Cece loves writing op-eds and other justice targeted writing pieces, and is excited to help others actualize their ideas through writing. She is an avid lover of the outdoors, and one day hopes to hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Clara McGilly ’23, Head Fellow
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Clara is a senior at Pitzer from Oakland, CA, majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Math. She is also interested in nonviolent organizing and conflict reconciliation and plays on an inner tube water polo team. Clara’s goal as a Writing Fellow is to help students discover their voice in their writing. In her spare time, Clara likes to read, play card games, swim in the ocean, and eat Takis until her stomach hurts.

Kaylee Morris ’25, Fellow
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Kaylee (she/her) is a second year at Pitzer from Seattle, Washington. She plans to major in Environmental Analysis and is currently considering a minor in geology. While on campus, Kaylee sings in the Pomona College Choir & the Pomona Jazz Ensemble, dances in various ballet classes, and is a member of Catalyst Collective. Kaylee is a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts, re-watching Disney Channel original movies, and spending time outdoors. After finding the Writing Center helpful during her first year, she’s excited to pass along her knowledge and learn more.

Bảo Trân Nguyễn ‘25, Fellow
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Bảo Trân (she/her) is a second-year majoring in English on the Creative Writing track and Media Studies. She is the daughter of refugees and proudly identifies with her hometown Lawrence, MA. She is a board member of the Vietnamese Student Association and uses writing as a means to unpack her identity and reflect from her experiences. She sees writing as a way of connecting communities and hopes to help others with incorporating their voice into academic papers. When Bảo is not writing, she is creating art, playing card games, or taking care of her plants.

Simone Paradis ’23, Head Fellow
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Simone Paradis (she/her) is a senior pursuing a combined major of Political Studies and Organizational Studies. On campus, she is involved in the Claremont Concert Orchestra and 5C Claremont Foxes rugby team, and also works in the Admissions office. Simone hopes to help make writing more accessible to students of all academic backgrounds. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside, playing card games, and decorating apartments in the Sims 4.

Pratya Poosala 24′, Fellow (Abroad S23)

Pratya Poosala (she/her/hers) is a junior from the Bay Area pursuing Neuroscience and a self-designed major in Narrative Medicine. In addition to the Writing Center, she is involved with the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC), Claremont Students for Public Health, and Global Mental Health Lab. She also enjoys reading, creative writing, and listening to music in her free time. Pratya is abroad this spring, but she is excited to rejoin the Writing Center next fall!

Hannah Price ’25, Fellow
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Hannah (she/they) is a sophomore at Pitzer from Newton, Massachusetts. She has not decided on her major but is interested in studying Spanish, History, Art, Public Health, and Gender and Feminist Studies. On campus, she is a part of Pitzer Advocates and an editor for The Otherside, Pitzer’s art and literary magazine. In her free time, Hannah loves to write poetry, spend time outdoors, and dabble in various hobbies such as woodworking. Through the Writing Center, Hannah hopes to foster a sense of community on campus. Her goal as a Writing Fellow is to create a space where students of all learning styles and backgrounds can feel seen and supported. 

Ellie Quam ’23, Fellow
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Ellie Quam (she/her) is a senior from Stillwater, Minnesota. She is majoring in Political Studies and minoring in Media Studies. On campus, Ellie is involved in the Dance program, KSPC Claremont and Sunrise Movement. In her free time, she loves discovering new outdoor activities with friends and exploring the LA area. Ellie has been visiting the Writing Center frequently since she was a first year student and is excited to support students the way Writing Center Fellows supported her while transitioning to college academics. She hopes to help all students feel more comfortable and confident in their writing this year! 

Sergio Quechol ’23, Fellow
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Sergio (they/them) is a senior majoring in Latin American Studies and Gender Women Studies from Inglewood, CA. On campus, they are involved in Central American Student Association (CASA), Latinx Student Union (LSU), First-Gen, and Claremont Student Worker Association (CSWA). They are also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow (MMUF). In their free time, they enjoy listening to new music, reading, and hanging with friends! They hope to support and build confidence in writers they come in contact with. 

Elliot Raskin ’23, Fellow
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Elliot is a senior from Sacramento, California studying politics and economics. He enjoys supporting students through all stages of the writing process, especially fellowship applications and social science writing. His passion for peer advising stems from its elimination of ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ in favor of partnered learning.  Besides working as a Writing Fellow, he’s a pole vaulter and team captain on the track & field team and a Career Fellow. In his free time, he loves cooking, surfing, reading nonfiction, and spending time with friends.

Ella Rosenblatt ’23, Fellow
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Ella Rosenblatt is a senior from San Francisco. She is majoring in Environmental Analysis and minoring in English. Ella is working to promote a more compassionate, sustainable, and just food system in many facets of her life. She is a dedicated vegan, a volunteer at the Ontario community garden Huerta del Valle, and a fellow with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. She recognizes the importance of writing as it relates to activism. In the writing center, Ella remains excited to support her peers with their goals while getting a look into new perspectives and writing styles.

Max Sweeney ’23, Fellow
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Max Sweeney (He/Him/His) is a Senior from Santa Barbara, CA. He is majoring in Organizational Studies and minoring in Political Studies and has post-grad plans to work in primary education and pursue an MEd. Before he attended Pitzer, Max had never written anything longer than 3-pages. Throughout his first year the writing center and its fellows supported Max and helped him develop skills and confidence in his writing. He is excited to be a fellow this year and support others in their writing journey. Outside of class Max works in the Grove House as both its Caretaker and passionate flapjack flipper. In his free time Max enjoys drinking tea, walking his dogs, playing his guitar, foraging, and watching shows/movies (typically anime) with his younger brother.

Tessa Van Buren ’23, Fellow
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Tessa (she/her) is a senior majoring in media studies from Burlington, Vermont. At the Writing Center, she loves working through the brainstorming process and hopes to make writing less stressful. She’s excited to work with other students at any stage of writing and aspires to help them feel empowered in their writing process. Outside of school, she loves to paint, dance, spend time outside, and listen to podcasts.

Aina Yukawa ’25, Fellow
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Aina (she/her) is a sophomore from Tokyo, Japan. She is hoping to major in political science or IPE. She is also very passionate about History and English. Her favorite activities include reading, baking and spending time with friends. She spent her middle and high school years in Singapore at an international school. Having had the experience of learning English as a second language, she hopes to assist writers across various cultural backgrounds.