Writing Center Team

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Andrea Scott

Andrea Scott, Faculty Director

Andrea Scott is associate professor of academic writing (Ph.D., University of Chicago). Before coming to Pitzer in Fall 2013 (and earning tenure in 2019!), she taught in the Princeton Writing Program for five years, where she also served as an associate director. She has dedicated her career to teaching writing because she’s committed to helping students use their writing to participate in consequential conversations across the curriculum. Her current scholarship tackles two broad questions: how are writing cultures shaped by diverse social contexts? And how might we use the answers to this question to teach and tutor writing in new ways?  She hails from San Diego, considers Berlin her second home, and has lived and studied in many parts of the world, including Oakland, Chicago, Munich, Florence, and New York. She enjoys hiking, experimental poetry, and unusual perfumes (one of her favorites smells like books).

Stephanie Liu-Rojas, Assistant Director and Writing Instructor

With a MAT in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from USC, Stephanie is pursuing her PhD in Educational Studies at the Claremont Graduate University starting Summer ’21. Stephanie is trained to work with international and multilingual students in writing and speaking. Cover letters, resumes, personal statements, and brainstorming are her favorite types of appointments. When she isn’t studying or researching ways to be more inclusive, diverse, and equitable in her teachings, Stephanie indulges in vegan chocolate, fashion, traveling, nature, children’s adventure series, and action movies.

Nicki Aquino ’21, Fellow
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Nicki is a fourth year at Pitzer pursuing a self-designed major in Education and Community Engagement and a minor in Asian American Studies. In addition to working at the Writing Center, she is a mentor in IPMP, an Academic Guide, and the Vice President of Student Engagement in the Pitzer College Student Senate. Beyond the classroom, she loves making zines, painting, and spending time with her 7-year old Chihuahua Mix.

Sanjana Bhatnagar ’23, Fellow
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Sanjana is a sophomore and is working towards double majoring in Philosophy and Literature. Through sessions at the Writing Center, she is excited to learn about various concepts by way of the perspectives of her peers. In return, she hopes to bring joy and empowerment to the sometimes daunting task of writing. Outside of school, she likes to paint, read, bake, go to art museums, drink coffee, and chat with her friends.

Cheyenne Brashear, ’21 Fellow

Cheyenne is a senior completing a special major in Indigenous Ethnobotany and minoring in Studio Arts. In addition to completing her Bachelor’s, she is also working as a Project Manager on redeveloping a restorative facilitation curriculum for King County’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution as they shift towards remote learning. She values community-based healing and restorative justice deeply, and this is reflected through her community internships and conference presentations on transformative models for conflict engagement. Cheyenne has been thrilled to work with the Writing Center since 2018, and looks forward to working with a diverse array of writers on Special Major proposals, conference proposals, public speaking, community-based research projects, applications of Critical Race Theory, and any/everything else.

Malaya Caligtan-Tran ’22, Fellow
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Malaya Caligtan-Tran is a third-year student from Honolulu, Hawai’i. She’s pursuing a self-designed major incorporating land-based healing, Indigenous knowledge, and public health. On campus, she is an IPMP mentor, Robert Redford Conservancy Fellow, and CAPAS staff member. Malaya sees writing as a form of community empowerment and liberation. She hopes to support and build confidence in writers of any level. In her free time, she enjoys cuddling with her cats and spending time with her friends.

Angel Feliz ’23, Fellow
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Angel is a second-year from The Bronx, New York majoring in Biology and Anthropology. On campus, he is involved with the Latinx Student Union, the Black Student Union, and as a member of ID Board representing the First-Gen Club. In his free time, he enjoys watching educational videos, reading, skating, playing music, and hanging with friends! As a writer, he enjoys working through the brainstorming process and hopes to learn more about other’s writing styles and processes. He is excited to share the joy he has found in the loving Pitzer Writing Center community with others!

Emily Lu Gao ’21, Head Fellow
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Emily (she/they) is a queer second semester senior from San Diego, California majoring in Asian American Studies and minoring in Sociology. Her thesis — a mix of sociology and performance studies — uses qualitative methods to study the formation and sustainment of healing in the community of Tuesday Night Cafe, the longest running Asian American open mic in the Little Tokyo of Los Angeles, CA. On campus, he is Claremont Christian Fellowship (CCF), spearheading the recent Queer Christian Dialogue & Dinner series. Off campus, Emily is fortunate to have a budding professional writing career as a spoken word artist and a freelance journalist; 4 out of 5 of her full time internships have been at non-profits. Last summer she released her first poetry chapbook, “ABC.”

As a writer, she is most experienced in academic papers in the humanities, resumes, journalism, and page & performance poetry. Whatever medium you need help with, Emily will try her hardest to make sure your voice and argument is clear in whatever medium you are working on. For her, writing is all about your getting ideas clearly and succinctly while staying authentic to who you are.  When she’s not hiding the fact she was born in Missouri, Emily enjoys reading, emulating a tasteful balance of Ali Wong & AOC and raving about l therapy.

Linda Huang ’21, Head Fellow
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Linda is a senior majoring in Asian American Studies from San Francisco, CA. She also has an interest in philosophy, creative writing, and research. On campus she is involved with the Center for Asian Pacific American Students (CAPAS) and Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC). Off campus she was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow (MMUF) and currently a fellow at the Institute Recruitment for Teachers (IRT). In their free time, Linda likes to go on Pinterest to find cool art or to Trader Joe’s to get snacks.

Josh Hui ’22, Fellow
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Josh is a junior from the Bay Area majoring in Sociology and Asian American Studies. On campus, he is involved in the Asian Pacific American Coalition, Jumpstart, and CAPAS. Regardless of genre, Josh is always striving to bring out other writers’ unique voices. He has the most experience in analytical writing, but he hopes to learn a lot more from all the people he will work with. Outside of school, Josh enjoys reading, finding new music, and playing video games.

Leo Kajfez 22′, Fellow
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Leo Kajfez is a third-year at Pitzer College double-majoring in English World Lit and American studies. In addition to working as a Writing Fellow at Pitzer, Leo was a Spring 2020 Junior Humanities Fellow at Scripps and a speaker at PAMLA 2019. He likes Earth tones and weightlifting. In anticipation of the socially-distant semester, Leo is planning to ask his landlord for permission to adopt two fancy rats. If Leo is successful, he will name his rats Prometheus and Rat 2. Recently, he saw Pulp Fiction at a drive-in movie theatre. The words “foot” and “feet” were 24 times, cumulatively. He did not like Pulp Fiction very much.

Talya Kaltman-Kron ’23, Fellow
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Talya is a second year student from Portland, Oregon. Although she has not decided on her major, she is interested in pursuing studies in Political Science, Sociology, Legal Studies, Spanish, and Public Health. At Pitzer Talya is also an Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault, plays on the 5C Basketball Team, and edits for PZ Threads. In her free time, you can find Talya doodling outside, going on picnics with her friends, and finding new music. Through the Writing Center she is excited to support her peers in writing, meet new people, and contribute to the Pitzer community.

Em Kuhn ’22, Fellow
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Em is a third year studying Environmental Sociology with a minor in Spanish. They are very passionate about encouraging student expression through the student-run Pitzer newspaper, The Outback News, and organizing for Climate Justice with the 5c Sunrise Movement. Beyond her work, there are few things that Em enjoys more than the exchange of stories and the shared creation of a beautiful meal. 

Gus Lodise ’23, Fellow
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Gus is a sophomore from California, Hawai’i, and Virginia. While his major is undeclared, he is (currently) exploring geology, environmental analysis, international relations, and history as possible areas of study. In his free time, he enjoys climbing, hiking, swimming, and reading sci-fi books. Gus is looking forward to meeting new people and being exposed to new ideas, and is excited to be able to support other students as they work toward their writing goals.

Clara McGilly ’23, Fellow
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Clara is a sophomore at Pitzer from Oakland, CA. She does not yet know her major but she is minoring in Math and is a part of the Justice Education Learning Community. She is also involved in LYBL, volunteers for Uncommon Good, and has worked as a lifeguard, a sound operator, and a jam maker. Clara’s goal as a Writing Fellow is to make every student believe in the brilliance of their own writing ability. In her spare time, Clara likes to read, play card games, swim in the ocean, and eat Takis until her stomach hurts.

Jessica Miao

Jessica Miao ’21, Fellow
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Jessica is a senior from Philadelphia, PA majoring in Biology and one of the Fellowship Consultants specializing in fellowship applications at the center. She hopes to one day improve accessibility and inclusivity in reproductive health as an ob/gyn. She recently studied abroad in Berlin and would love to chat in German! Through her work at the Writing Center, she is excited to learn about other students’ interests and writing styles at the Claremont Colleges. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, reading, and doing yoga.

Lina Moore ’21, Fellow
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Lina is a senior and is majoring in Anthropology. She loves experiencing human cultures through travel, writing, and the culinary arts. Ruth Reichl and Stephen J. Gould are two of her personal heroes. She believes that your written voice is important, deserves to be heard, and she wants to help you speak it! In her spare time, she enjoys cooking all things vegan, writing inappropriate haikus, walking with her dog, and hiking in the Southern California mountains. 

Dominique Morra ’23, Fellow
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Dominique is a sophomore from Costa Rica/Italy majoring in History. On campus she is involved with Pitzer’s International Student Association, Latinx Student Union, and the Mindfulness Club. Her goal is to make writing a less stressful task, and instead a comfortable place for expression. In her free time you can find her dancing Lebanese dabke, attempting to learn how to play the guitar, practicing taekwondo, seeking to decipher the meaning of metaphysics, or writing terrible poetry in a tree somewhere.

Elena Olivier ’21, Fellow
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Elena is a senior from Naples, Italy and lives in Austin, TX. She is an IPE major and is particularly devoted to studying immigration and gender. This is her third year at the Writing Center and she has loved every minute of it! She is especially interested in expanding accessibility for multilingual writers. She recognizes the vulnerability and power in writing and sees the WC as a means to amplify voices on campus. Her happy places are the beach, cooking and sharing stories with her mom and grandma in Italy, and soaking up the sun on the mounds with her friends at Pitzer, and her zodiac sign is cancer.

Mica Pachicano ’21, Fellow
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Mica is a senior born and raised in Chicago. She’s majoring in Science, Technology and Society and minoring in cognitive science. Outside of working as a Writing Fellow, New Student Guide and IGLAS Fellow, Mica enjoys reading, watching YouTube, sewing, and cooking new recipes with her family.

Simone Paradis ’23, Fellow
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Simone Paradis is a second-year student from Connecticut, and she’s pursuing a combined major of Political Studies and Organizational Studies. In Claremont, she’s involved with New Student Orientation, Tutors for a Cause, Uncommon Good, and the Claremont Concert Orchestra. Simone hopes to help make writing more accessible to students of all academic backgrounds. In her free time, she enjoys baking and playing board games with friends and family. 

Anais Rivero ’22, Fellow
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Anais (she/her) is a junior majoring in Political Studies and minoring in History, her study focuses on the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. Anais has a passion for labor organizing and has worked with the labor union Unite Here in Miami and the Warehouse Workers Resource Center in Ontario. With a background in tutoring, Anais hopes to make every student feel safe and comfortable and make the Writing Center accessible to people of all marginalized backgrounds. Anais sees writing as a form of self empowerment, what is most important to her is that students know how to clearly express their ideas and find joy in writing. During her free time, Anais likes to paint, read books, cuddle her dog, and has re-watched Normal People way too many times. 

Hezekiah Smithstein ’23, Fellow
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Hezekiah is a Sophomore from the Bay Area majoring in Environmental Analysis (Science Track) and Writing and Rhetoric. He’s interested in becoming an environmental scientist, lawyer, or journalist: whichever it ends up being, he knows it will involve writing and the environment. When he isn’t learning about climate change or writing about writing, Hezekiah enjoys reading, playing board games, and making music. He also loves to play sports, watch sports, and play fantasy sports: but most of all, he misses his intramural inner-tube water polo team. As a Writing Center Fellow, he is excited to be exposed to all of your unique ideas and perspectives, and hopes to help you take your writing to the next level.

Natasha Wong ’22, Fellow
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Natasha is a junior from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is currently planning to pursue a combined or double major in Political Studies and Economics. When she’s not studying you can find her dancing or venturing down the many research rabbit holes of Utah’s juvenile justice and education systems. She also enjoys cooking and getting outside to appreciate nature. She is excited to be a resource for her peers and hopes to make the Writing Center a welcoming and accessible space for Pitzer’s students.