Finding a Job

All available campus positions are posted on Handshake, the primary career platform for Pitzer and The Claremont Colleges. All students should be able to log in using their Pitzer username and password. Students can select the ‘Jobs’ tab, type ‘Pitzer’ in the search bar and filter for ‘On Campus Employment’ to find available positions. In addition to Pitzer, students can also search for Consortium employers under ‘TCCS On Campus Student Employment” in the employer search bar for positions at Claremont College departments.

Need help navigating Handshake? Click here for instructions on how to find a job.

Note to students with work-study: On-campus jobs are not designated ‘work-study’; however, supervisors are encouraged to prioritize hiring work-study recipients. Students with work-study can apply for any available job on Handshake (see Employers below for additional information regarding treatment of earnings from on-campus vs. off-campus employers).

Job Fair: An On-Campus Job Fair featuring Pitzer and consortium-based employers is scheduled every fall semester, usually during the first week of classes.

Student Employment Information Form

As a part of seeking campus employment, please complete the Student Employment Additional Information Form. This form will provide potential supervisors with your available work hours and work-study eligibility (if applicable).

You should submit this form to ALL jobs to which you apply. Note, supervisors may also request other documents (resume, cover letter, etc.).


Pitzer students can work in various positions within Pitzer, The Consortium and other organizations. All Pitzer students (those with work-study and those without) can apply to any job posted on Handshake, unless otherwise specified. However, many off-campus employers traditionally hire work-study students (as this is the source of their pay). In addition, many on-campus employers may give hiring preference to students with work-study. See below for details and limitations.

Pitzer (On-Campus) Employers

Any Pitzer student can apply for jobs with Pitzer departments/organizations. These are considered on-campus jobs and students are hired and paid by Pitzer College.

Work-Study: Work-study students can work for any on-campus department and utilize their work-study allotment. However, students are not restricted by their work-study and can earn more than their work-study allotment, so long as the department has available funding. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that they have funds available in their student employment budget to pay their student employees.

Non-Work-Study: Students without work-study can work for any on-campus department. However, on-campus employers are encouraged to consider hiring work-study students.


  • Academic Field Groups (all)
  • Academic Support Services
  • Advancement Services
  • Annual & Leadership Giving
  • Audio-Visual Services
  • Campus Life
  • Career Services
  • Community Engagement Center
  • Custodial Services
  • Dining Services
  • Duplicating Services
  • Facilities & Campus Services
  • Fletcher Jones Language and Culture Laboratory
  • Foundation Relations & Faculty Support
  • Gold Student Health & Wellness Center
  • Grounds
  • Human Resources & Payroll Services
  • Information Technology
  • Institute for Global-Local Action & Study
  • International Research & Assessment
  • Jumpstart
  • Mail Center
  • Maintenance Services
  • Media Studies Production Services
  • Office of Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty
  • Office of Admission
  • Office of College Advancement
  • Office of Communications
  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Office of Student Affairs
  • Office of the President
  • Office of the Treasurer
  • Pitzer Art Galleries
  • Prospect Research
  • Registrar
  • Residence Life & Summer Programs
  • Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability
  • Stewardship & Communications
  • Student Accounts
  • Study Abroad & International Programs
  • The Grove House
  • Writing Center

Off-Campus & Consortium Employers

Off-campus & Consortium employers can employ Pitzer students to work for their organization. Students are hired and paid by Pitzer College.

Work-Study: These organizations traditionally hire Pitzer students with work-study (as this is the source of their pay). Students can earn up to the amount of their work-study allotment. Students who exceed their work-study allotment will be asked to stop working and the organization will be responsible for any overages.

Non-Work-Study: These organizations do not typically hire non-work-study students. If you are not a work-study student, reach out to the organization to inquire if they have available resources to employ you.


  • Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)
  • Claremont After-School Programs, Inc. (CLASP)
  • Claremont Colleges Libraries
  • Claremont Unified School District
  • CMC Policy Lab
  • European Union (EU) Center
  • Health Education Outreach (HEO)
  • Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences
  • HMC Upward Bound
  • Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching Research and Engagement
  • Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA)
  • Pomona College Organic Farm
  • Scripps College – Music Department
  • Student Disability Resource Center
  • The Student Life
  • Uncommon Good

Pitzer-Pomona Shared Resources & Departments

Pitzer-Pomona Shared Resources & Departments are departments shared by Pomona-Pitzer. These organizations can hire Pitzer work-study and non-work-study students.

Work-Study: Work-study students who work for these departments are hired and paid by Pitzer College and can earn up to the amount of their work-study allotment. Students who exceed their work-study allotment will be asked to stop working unless the department has additional resources to continue your employment.

Non-Work-Study: Non-work-study students are hired and paid directly by the department, which is a part of Pomona College, not Pitzer. Students are paid directly by the organization and may be limited in earnings based on the organization’s budget.


  • Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies (IDAAS)
  • Intercollegiate Department of Africana Studies (IDAS)
  • Intercollegiate Media Studies
  • Intercollegiate Neuroscience Program
  • Queer Resource Center (QRC) – Pomona
  • Rains Center/Athletics – Pomona
  • Theatre & Dance Department – Pomona