Managing Budgets

We encourage supervisors to keep a record of each student’s hours to ensure that the department does not exceed their student employment budget.


Student employees are paid on an hourly basis and must be directly supervised. The wage rate for student jobs generally follows the applicable California minimum wage rate.

Student Employment Budget

The student employment budgets for fiscal year 2024 (FY24) were prepared using the following approach:

  • As a college, the total student employment budget will be aligned to FY23 funding levels, with an adjustment for increases in minimum wage.
  • Funding adjustments requested by the department VP were considered where needed.
  • Starting with the 2023 fiscal year (2022-23 academic year), all student employment will be budgeted at the department/program level regardless of whether it is work-study or non-work study.

Supervisors who wish to hire student employees (work-study or non-work-study) should contact their division’s Vice President for questions/concerns about their individual budget allocation.

Grant/Stipend Funding: It is important to note that student employment funded using a gift or grant is still independent of the department’s student employment budget. Additionally, student stipends for internships, fellowships, research assistants, etc. are also separate from student employment budgets provided and are still their own spend category.


FY24 Student Employment Budgets can be viewed in Workday at any time, in real time. Your teams can always access Workday to review the total budget for a department’s cost center at any time of the year. Review How to Access your Budget in Workday for instructions.

If someone in your department is unable to pull the appropriate student wage information, please reach out to the Treasurer’s Office to gain access to your area’s budget. Please keep in mind only approved supervisors and support staff will be granted a role to view this data.