Approving Time

As a supervisor, you are expected to review and approve the hours your employees submit each pay period to ensure they are for the correct pay period.

  • Supervisors should ensure timecards are completed after each shift, indicating all hours worked during the pay period.
  • Supervisors approve timecards in Workday.  
  • Timecard approval is due every other Monday by 10 am, unless otherwise communicated.  
  • The schedule for timecard approval is available on Box under Human Resources – Public Documents – Payroll Documents – 2022 Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule.
  • Timecards not approved by supervisors by the published deadlines will still be processed and paid as reported.

Overtime & Breaks

If students are required to work extended hours, that may result in overtime. The following is considered overtime:

  • Time worked over 8 hours in one day, OR
  • Time worked over 40 hours in a work week, OR
  • Any hours worked on the 7th consecutive day in a work week

Double Time
Double time is paid for time worked over 12 hours in one day OR over 8 hours on the 7th consecutive day within a work week.

Meal Breaks
If students work more than five hours in one day, they are required to take a meal break of at least 30 minutes. They must clock out at the beginning of their meal break and clock in upon their return. They should start their break before the 5th hour BEGINS to avoid a meal penalty. Under California law, when an employee fails to take their meal break prior to the fifth hour, a premium (penalty) is owed to the employee. The penalty is one hour of extra pay for each work day that this occurs.

Rest Breaks
Students are also entitled to a 10-minute rest break for every two consecutive hours that they work. Rest breaks are paid time and should not be recorded on their timecards.

IMPORTANT: New hires can take a few days to show up in Kronos. If you have an employee who needs to report hours and cannot enter them into Kronos, the employee will need to report their hours on a paper time sheet. Both the employee and supervisor will need to approve the timecard by signing it, and then submit it to Hortensia Lopez in Human Resources as soon as possible.

Labor law violations: It is a violation of California and federal labor laws not to pay employees in a timely manner. All supervisors are urged to recognize the importance of submitting and approving timecards on time in Kronos. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this matter.

Late timecard approvals: Amendments to timecards (referred to as Historical Corrections) will need to be administered and processed by the supervisor— student workers do not have any amendment access. Historical corrections will be applied and paid the following payroll run.