Hiring Students

Hire Authorization Form

Once students are selected for the position(s), please share Human Resources’ (HR) Authorization to Hire Form with the student(s) you have selected. This form is fully electronic and replaces the prior paper version that was used for this purpose.

  • The student(s) you selected will complete their section of the form and it will be routed to supervisors.
  • If the supervisor is a member of the faculty, the form is first routed to a representative in the Dean of Faculty’s office.
  • Students may not begin working until they have been given authorization to start working.
  • Email notifications are sent to student and supervisor by Human Resources.

Students cannot begin work until they have been fully processed.

A new form must be completed for each job every semester, even when the student is continuing in a previous position.

Removing a Posting

Once all students have been selected for a position, supervisors can remove a posting directly through Handshake or supervisors can email [email protected] and request that the posting be made inactive. Keeping jobs live in Handshake and then removing them once positions are filled will enable students to always view available positions.