Joseph Uscinksi: “Conspiracy Theories are for Losers”

MCSI Speaker Joseph Uscinski, South Texas College

Munroe Center for Social Inquiry Speaker Series, Fall 2017 Americans have believed in conspiracy theories since before the United States united. A ceaseless array of conspiracy accusations have demonized witches, Freemasons, foreigners, red coats, black helicopters, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, fifth columns, the government, and more recently, Vladimir Putin. The common assumption is that conspiracy theories [Read More…]

October 10, 2017
Press Releases

Pitzer College Writing Center Fellows Sophia Rizzolo ’19 and Hunter Sidel ’19 Win National Peer Tutoring Grants

Claremont, Calif. (October 9, 2017)—Pitzer College Writing Center Fellows Sophia Rizzolo ’19 and Hunter Sidel ’19 have been awarded National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) grants. The two Writing Center fellows are teaming up to lead a workshop “Identity and Improving our Ability to Reach our Peers” at the NCPTW 2017 conference. The [Read More…]

October 9, 2017
Press Releases

Pitzer Professor of Mathematics David Bachman’s Art Exhibition Pattern, Symmetry, Growth and Decay to Open in Los Angeles

David Bachman Art Exhibit - 3D Printing

Claremont, Calif. (October 9, 2017)—Pitzer College Professor of Mathematics David Bachman’s solo exhibition of 3D-printed and multimedia sculptures, Pattern, Symmetry, Growth and Decay, opens at MorYork gallery in Los Angeles on November 10. Bachman’s artwork celebrates the use of mathematics as a tool for the creation of art. Bachman’s work draws from the idea that [Read More…]

October 6, 2017
Press Releases

Pitzer College Professor Jemma Lorenat Wins International Prize for Research in the History of Mathematics

Jemma Lorenat

Claremont, Calif. (October 4, 2017)—Pitzer College Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jemma Lorenat has been awarded the international Montucla Prize for her Historia Mathematica article “Figures real, imagined and missing in Poncelet, Plücker, and Gergonne,” which examines multiple interpretations of a geometric figure—a single conic construction—among three early nineteenth-century mathematicians. The International Commission on the History [Read More…]

October 4, 2017
Press Releases

EMERGing Scholars at the Claremont Colleges

EMERGE Scholars luncheon

Pitzer College hosted The Claremont Colleges EMERGE Welcome Dinner on September 21 for the newest students from the EMERGE Fellowship, a Houston-based nonprofit that helps underserved students get into, and thrive in, the country’s top colleges. In less than four years, the number of EMERGE alumni at The Claremont Colleges has grown from one student—Pitzer’s [Read More…]

October 2, 2017
Press Releases

Pitzer College Hosts “Salton Sea: Salinity, Shrinkage, Solutions” Panel

Salton Sea and dead fish

Claremont, Calif. (October 2, 2017)—This year’s Pitzer College John D. Sullivan Memorial Lecture will explore environmental issues surrounding California’s largest yet rapidly shrinking lake: the Salton Sea.  Sponsored by Pitzer’s Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability, “Salton Sea: Salinity, Shrinkage, Solutions” brings together a panel of experts and activists to discuss the lake’s future. [Read More…]

October 2, 2017