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Pitzer’s Diana Vicezar ’24 Develops Career Platform for Other International Students

Diana Vicezar '24 with an iPad demonstrating the Mapis platform.When the pandemic prevented Diana Vicezar ’24, an international student from Paraguay, from coming to Pitzer's campus, she was not deterred. Vicezar began connecting with over 100 international students from all over the world and discovered the unique challenge that they face in starting their careers. "Some international students have no knowledge of how to write a resume or a cover letter, and some are not even aware of the work authorization programs until their last years of college." This inspired Vicezar to develop a new career platform: Mapis.
July 5, 2022

The Healing Arts

Marcus Jackson ’22 combined premed classes with art and Asian American studies during his Pitzer journey. “I have this odd tendency to go into fields where I’m least represented." Jackson’s advice to current and future students is to never let anyone else steer your career as a student and beyond and to seek help when you need it.  
June 29, 2022

Namlhun Jachung ’24 Makes a Splash in Sagehens Water Polo

Namlhum Jachung '24In her first season on the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Water Polo team, Pitzer student-athlete Namlhun Jachung ’24 has enjoyed individual and team victories alike. But her real joy is her teammates. “I can trust every single one of the girls and the coaching staff. It feels like a family.” 
June 24, 2022