Pitzer College Sets Fulbright Record for Colleges its Size for Fourth Consecutive Year

Fulbright Grants Awarded to Thirteen 2006 Graduates and Two Alumnae

Claremont, Calif. (May 30, 2006) – Pitzer College has been awarded a record fifteen Fulbright Fellowships for the 2006-07 academic year. Thirteen 2006 graduates and two alumnae have been awarded Fulbright grants to continue in their fields of study in either a teaching or research capacity. Pitzer College has exceeded last year’s Fulbright national record of nine 2005 graduates and one alumnus fellowship for schools of its size.

Fifteen Pitzer students were recommended for Fulbright Fellowships for 2005-2006 by the U.S. Fulbright Committee. Those recommendations were forwarded to the Fulbright committees in the respective host countries, where final decisions were made between April and June. The majority of the Fulbright awardees participated in Pitzer College’s Study Abroad programs.

The 2006-07 Fulbright awardees include Bianca Barragan (South Korea); Veronica Briggs ’02 (Indonesia); Chris Burwick (Germany); Rainbow Chung (China), Yvonne Hong (Turkey) ’05; Patrick Leue (Venezuela); Alex Page (South Korea); Blair McGregor (South Korea); Kate Sherwood (Thailand); Raumene Rahatzad (Azerbaijan); Sabrina Dence (Panama); Michelle Swanson Lightfoot (Spain); Katrina Sitar (Moldova); Kathleen Brooks (Bosnia-Herzegovina); and Traci Kutaka (South Korea). Kathleen Brooks will be the first Fulbright representative ever to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Our Fulbright scholars reflect the global perspective of the College’s curriculum, the excellence of its study abroad programs and the high scholarship of its students,” Pitzer College President Laura Skandera Trombley said.

In addition to the fifteen recipients, Pitzer College also had three Fulbright alternates: Sarah Evershed, Kathrine Marquéz and Casey Scieszka.

Please visit www.pitzer.edu to view spotlight features on each of the fifteen Pitzer College Fulbright awardees.

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