Mike Harris ’91

Favorite class: Environmental Landscapes

Favorite professor: Paul Shepard and John Rodman

What keeps you busy now: Fighting for animal rights while raising a 7 year old son

What is your dream job: I have it. I direct a wildlife law program from an international animal advocacy organization.

What book is currently on your nightstand: A Small Porch by Wendell Berry and Saint Augustine: A Life, by G. Willis

Best question to ask in an interview: I always like when an applicant asks questions about how the job impacts the mission of our organization. It shows me a dedication to our organization and advocacy, not just an interest in a job with us.

What do you miss most about Pitzer: Just having the time to read and learn. It is a gift that we have in College and so hard to maintain in every day life with work and family.

What is your most memorable Pitzer moment: Tamarisk bashes with John Rodman.

Top networking tip: Get offline—make calls and have coffee dates!

Where are do you work/what is your title: Director, Wildlife Law Program, Friends of Animals

What is your favorite part of your job: Protecting animals, of course!

How did you get into your current line of work: After Pitzer and law school, I worked for a number of non-profits as legal counsel. In 2013, I approached Friends of Animals about developing an in-house legal program. They said yes without hesitation. Six years later the Wildlife Law Program is recognized a leading animal legal advocacy group.

Favorite quote: It is never too late to be what you might have been. -George Eliot

Last thoughts: Just that I know in my heart that without Pitzer I would never have become what I am today. Pitzer instilled in me the believer needed to do this type of work.

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Submitted August 2019