Water Conservation

Pitzer has worked to conserve water on campus by installing low-flow shower heads, faucets and toilets in campus bathrooms, planting drought-tolerant and native plant species throughout the campus landscape, and utilizing high-efficiency irrigation systems.  As a result, Pitzer’s water consumption in FY 2017 was nearly 56% less than in FY 2008.

Drought Response

In response to California’s historic drought, on April 1, 2015, Governor Brown issued an Executive Order mandating a 25% statewide reduction in water use (compared to the amount used in 2013).  To reduce water consumption at Pitzer, the College implemented a number of conservation measures during the summer of 2015 including:

Turf Removal

  • 0.7 acres of the College’s 3.5 acres of turf have been removed.  Affected areas include Chung Field, the turf area south of the basketball court, the turf area immediately north of the McConnell Center concrete apron, and the turf area surrounding the ParFitness station east of the McConnell Center.

DSCN0797 Chung Field

DSCN0800 Bball court



Reduced Watering

  • This summer Pitzer has reduced its irrigation to 2 days per week.  In previous summers, the turf areas had been watered up to 6 days per week.

Installation of Waterless Urinals

  • All the urinals in publicly accessible men’s rooms are now waterless.  Each waterless urinal is estimated to save 1 gallon of water per use.

Replacement of McConnell Dining Hall Dishwasher

  • As part of the McConnell kitchen remodel, the dining hall’s old dishwasher has been replaced with a new, energy and water-efficient model.