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  • Pitzer Multi-Species Commons
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Sustainability at Pitzer


Pitzer College Office of Sustainability

Since its founding in 1963, Pitzer College has been committed to sustainability. Its environmental studies program began in the 1970s and the College has been practicing what it teaches ever since. Pitzer’s campus-wide initiatives—ranging from innovative LEED-certified residential halls to low-water landscaping—reflect the College’s commitment to making sustainability an integrated part of the way students live and learn at Pitzer.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Top 50 Green Colleges: Pitzer is one of the 399 most environmentally responsible colleges according to The Princeton Review. The education services company known for its test prep and tutoring services, books, and college rankings features Pitzer in the 2018 edition of its free book,The Princeton Review Guide to 399 Green Colleges. Pitzer also made the “Top 50 Green Colleges” ranking list in the guide, coming in #7 on the list! The Princeton Review used data from its institutional survey and its surveys of students at the 399 colleges in the book to tally the ranking list. See the full rankings here.

ReRoom Fall Sales: Thank you to all of the first-year Pitzer students and their parents who purchased items at the ReRoom sale during move-in!  ReRoom staff made about $5,600 in sales and had a great time in the process!  As a reminder, any non-working items purchased at ReRoom can be returned for a full refund, contact sustainability@pitzer.edu to learn more.

Food Waste Initiatives Update: During the ’17-’18 school year, student volunteers from Pitzer’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network donated about 2,111 pounds of leftover food from the dining hall to the Salvation Army in Ontario. During the same time, Pitzer diverted over 78,000 pounds of food waste from entering the landfill by participating in the City of Claremont’s food waste recycling program. Thank you to all the FRN volunteers, facilities and dining hall staff, Bon Appétit, and City of Claremont staff who made this all possible!

Redford Conservancy is LEED Platinum!: The Robert Redford Conservancy, located on 12 acres north of Pitzer’s main campus, held its first full semester of classes and programming this spring following a year-long renovation of the historic Claremont Colleges infirmary. That top-to-bottom renovation turned an abandoned, nearly 90-year-old facility into a showcase for responsible, collaborative green building. In addition to earning USGBC’s highest LEED certification in the New Construction and Major Renovation category, the Redford Conservancy is on track to becoming The Claremont Colleges’ first net zero energy building, meaning it produces as much energy as it uses over the course of the year. Read the full story here.

Free Class Pass!: Thanks to a partnership between the Claremont Colleges and Foothill Transit, students are now able to receive a free Class Pass for unlimited rides on Foothill Transit buses!  Passes can be picked up now at the Connection, just remember to bring your school ID. For more information, click here.

5C Sus & Env Events Calendar: Sustainability staff across the 5Cs host an online events calendar with information on all of the sustainability and environmental events that are happening at the Claremont Colleges.  The calendar can be found here; take a look and choose some events to attend! If you would like to have your event included in the calendar, please email the event info to sustainability@pitzer.edu.

Environmental Jobs Board: The Office of Sustainability has recently created a Sustainability/Environmental Jobs Board, so if you are looking for a job or internship, make sure to check it out! New jobs will continue to be added on a weekly basis over school year.

5C Ride Share:  Heading back to campus and need a ride from the airport?  Check out ASPC’s 5C ride share website.  There you can post or join a ride  from LAX & Ontario airports and save yourself money and gas in the process!

Now Accepting E-waste:  Do you have electronic waste to dispose of?  Don’t throw these items into the trash, as electronics may contain lead, copper, and other heavy metals or potentially toxic substances.  Instead, bring your batteries, light bulbs, and small electronics to the new E-Waste Recycling Center in the mail room and dispose of these items properly!

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