Study Abroad Semester

Financial aid recipients who study abroad for the semester through a Pitzer approved program are eligible to receive financial aid during their abroad semester.

In general, students who study abroad are eligible to receive the same level of aid while abroad as they would if they were at Pitzer. Below are the differences students may see between a Pitzer semester and a Study Abroad semester.


While you are abroad, you are ineligible to work through Pitzer. Even remote work is not allowed. Thus, your work-study allotment is removed and your remaining need is converted into a grant. This grant is not paid directly to students. Instead, it is paid directly to your Student Account at the start of the semester to reduce your family’s bill/costs to Pitzer.

Students who earn more than their work-study allotment each semester will notice a decrease in overall income when going abroad. Students who work but are not work-study recipients will lose the ability to have earnings while abroad.

Travel Contribution

Each semester, your cost of attendance includes an estimated cost for traveling to Pitzer, ranging from $50 – $500 (depending on your state of permanent residence). When you study abroad, this travel expense is removed from your cost of attendance and replaced by the the $600 Study Abroad travel fee.

The Study Abroad travel fee is a direct charge on the Student Account. Only one travel contribution is considered throughout your time at Pitzer. Students who study abroad for more than one semester will not receive assistance for a second travel contribution.


Students who study abroad are charged the equivalent of full-time tuition, the student activity fee, on-campus housing and for the cost of the 16-meal plan, in addition to a $600 travel contribution.


Your cost for your study abroad semester should be very similar to a semester at Pitzer, but there are additional differences to consider. For example, if you typically select the 12- or 14- meal plan, you may see an increase in your charges when you study abroad because charges are based on the 16-meal plan. If you live off-campus when at Pitzer, you will see your charges increase when you study abroad because charges are based on the universal room rate and16-meal plan.

However, students with work-study will also have their work-study converted into a grant, which means most work-study students will still see an overall decrease in their bill when they go abroad vs. when they are at Pitzer.

If you have questions about your specific costs and wish to compare expenses, feel free to reach out to our office.