International Applicants

Pitzer offers financial assistance to international students through our merit-based and need-based programs. International applicants interested in need-based financial aid only need to complete the Pitzer International Financial Aid Application (PIFAA).

Pitzer International Financial Aid Application
To access the PIFAA, international applicants must log-in using their Pitzer credentials. Credentials are emailed to you within 2 days of submitting your Common Application. Once you have applied through the Common Application, you may complete the Pitzer International Financial Aid Application.

Please have the following documents available in order to answer questions about student/parent income and assets on the PIFAA:
•   Income Statements
•   Bank Statements

Divorced/Separated Parents
If your parents are divorced/separated, we will require information for both parents, custodial and noncustodial. If you do not have contact with your noncustodial parent, you may request a waiver of this requirement. You can find this waiver along with more information about divorced/separated parents on the College Board’s website.

Tax Documents
If admitted to Pitzer, additional documents may be requested to verify the information reported on this application. All documents must be translated to English by a third-party and all currency must be converted to U.S. dollars.

Merit-Based Aid

All first-year international students who apply for admission are automatically considered for Pitzer’s merit-based Trustee Community Scholarship. This scholarship is not available to international students who apply through the New Resource or Transfer program. This scholarship is $5,000 per year and is available for up to four years of attendance so long as the student is enrolled at least half-time and meets Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Need-Based Aid

Students who indicate “yes” to Pitzer’s “do you intend to pursue need-based financial aid” question on the Common Application will be considered for need-based aid. Due to limited financial resources, Pitzer is only able to offer financial aid to a small number of international students. However, if admitted, Pitzer will meet 100% of your demonstrated need with work-study and a Pitzer need-based scholarship. In addition, international students with high financial need will also receive grant assistance to cover the cost of Pitzer’s health insurance.

Financial Aid “No” Policy

International students who are admitted and indicate “no” to the “do you intend to pursue need-based financial aid” question on the Common Application are not eligible to apply for financial aid at any time during their enrollment at Pitzer. Thus, we strongly encourage all international students who require financial assistance (even slightly) to indicate “yes” to the financial aid question on the Common Application during the initial admission application process.