Part-Time Enrollment

Most Pitzer students are expected to be enrolled full-time and take four courses each semester (with the exception of New Resource students). This allows you to graduate within your semesters of aid eligibility.

Course Breakdown

Enrollment in 3 – 5 courses is considered full-time. You receive the same level of aid if enrolled in three vs. four vs. five courses. While three courses are still considered full-time, we encourage you to take four courses in order to graduate on-time.

Enrollment in 2 – 2.99 courses is considered part-time and your aid is pro-rated based on your pro-rated tuition charges. Visit the Tuition & Fees section of the Student Accounts website for complete tuition breakdowns.

Enrollment in .25 – 1.99 courses is considered less than part-time and you are not eligible for financial aid with the exception of the Federal Pell Grant. Students with Pell Grants will have their grant pro-rated based on federal guidelines.

Aid Adjustment Period
Students can add/drop classes and have their aid and tuition charges pro-rated only during the first ten days of the semester. After the 10th day of the semester, enrollment is locked and your aid and tuition are not adjusted. Please reference the Academic Calendar for the “last day to add/drop for a tuition refund or financial aid adjustment”.

Adding a Course: If a student adds a course after the ‘add/drop’ deadline, they will not be eligible for additional financial aid to cover the increased cost.

Dropping a Course: If a student drops a class after the ‘add/drop’ deadline, their financial aid will not be adjusted to reflect a reduced level of coursework. Please note, this could impact the student’s ability to graduate within their semesters of aid eligibility. See Maximum Timeframe Requirement in the Satisfactory Academic Policy of our Policies page.

Being Part-Time
If at the ‘add/drop’ deadline you are part-time, your aid will be adjusted to reflect your lower part-time tuition. Most students don’t see a change in their bill/balance when they go from full-time to part-time and may end up paying the same cost. If you would like an estimate of your aid for being part-time, you can request an appointment with a financial aid counselor. In your appointment request, please indicate exactly how many courses you plan to take if part-time.