Transfer Applicants

Pitzer offers financial assistance to transfer students through our need-based programs. Merit-based aid is not available for transfer students.

Need-Based Aid

The financial aid application progress for transfer applicants is similar to that of first-year students. However, there are two key differences. A transfer student will receive slightly higher student loan based on their grade-level as determined by the Office of the Registrar at the time of admission. For example, a transfer student who enters Pitzer as a second-year will receive a student loan of $4,500 to correspond to their sophomore status.

Pro-rated Semesters of Aid

Transfer students receive Pitzer financial assistance for a pro-rated amount of semesters based on the courses approved for transfer at the time of admission. Pitzer will fund institutional aid for up to 8 semesters minus any semesters approved at the time of transfer. For example, a student who transfers 8 courses worth of work (equivalent to two full-time semesters), will receive institutional aid for up to 6 semesters. Visit Satisfactory Academic Progress on the Policies section of our website.