35 Years at Pitzer: Staff Member Carlos Ortega

Carlos Ortega stands on the Mounds with trees in the backdrop and wears a dark blue uniform with the Pitzer logo and his first name in white. Carlos has dark brown hair and mustache/
Carlos Ortega

Meet Carlos Ortega, Pitzer’s building attendant supervisor who has been on staff for over 35 years. Ortega is also a member of Pitzer’s Staff Council, a peer-elected committee that represents staff within college governance. 

How did you end up at Pitzer?  

I worked in the 1970s at the dining hall for a year, then I left for another job and came back in 1986. I didn’t know I was going to be here for that long. I like Pitzer. I get to meet and talk to people every day. 

What do you do at Pitzer? 

I was custodial staff for maybe 15 years, then the lead custodial staff, and now the supervisor. I make sure everything is ready in the morning for classrooms. We do work orders for students, like pulling furniture out of rooms or modifications to beds. Anything that is broken, if it’s simple I fix it, or I send it to maintenance. 

How has Pitzer changed?  

I’ve been through four college presidents, since Frank L. Ellsworth. When I came to Pitzer, there were not that many buildings, but over the years it grew. I hope I can stay as long as I can. I still have energy to get up in the morning! 

What is your favorite part about being here?  

I enjoy working with people. It’s my one of my favorite things to talk with the students every day. When I came in the 1980s, I knew all the first generation of faculty, although we have many new faculty I haven’t talked to yet. I enjoy being with the people I work with, whether it’s Mark Crawbuck for over 20 years or our new people. 

Special thanks to Carlos Ortega for being a part of Pitzer for over 35 years!