Interim President Announcement from Donald P. Gould, Chair of the Board

February 21, 2022

Dear Pitzer Community,

I am pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has appointed Trustee Jill Klein P ’15 to serve as interim president of Pitzer College, beginning July 1, 2022. She will serve until the search for President Oliver’s successor is completed and the College’s seventh president assumes office, which is expected to occur on or before July 1, 2023.

Jill brings to the interim position a deep understanding of higher education and a clear view of Pitzer’s special place within that landscape. For the past 21 years, she has served at American University in Washington, DC as a professor, dean, and administrator. For much of Jill’s eight years on the Pitzer Board, she chaired the Academic Affairs Committee. In that role, she has been the Board’s primary liaison with the College’s academic program and always a staunch advocate for our outstanding Pitzer faculty. Jill’s daughter, Susie Klein, is a 2015 Pitzer graduate, a Fulbright Fellow, and an engaged alumna of the College. In sum, Jill is deeply committed to Pitzer and its mission.

Jill is a graduate of Cornell University, where she majored in Economics and History and developed her passion for the liberal arts. Throughout her career, Jill has been a tireless and effective advocate for the advancement of women in leadership, and she has been recognized with numerous honors for her work in this area.

Prior to her time at American University, Jill spent 20 years in the business world, holding many senior-level positions in information technology management. She will bring substantial managerial and administrative experience to the role of interim president. Jill and the College are fortunate to have a very strong and cohesive leadership team in place, ensuring continuity in all facets of the College’s operations.

During her term, Jill will relocate to Claremont, reside in the President’s House, and be an active presence on campus and in the community to advance Pitzer’s mission and core values. She will energetically represent the College to its many external constituencies, creating, renewing, and building on the relationships that are critical to the College’s future.

The College has substantial momentum on many fronts, as well as major projects that must move forward quickly in the coming months, including:

  • The ongoing revitalization of the College’s Advancement and Communications function
  • The expansion of Sciences programming and infrastructure
  • A landmark financial aid initiative for increasing access to the Pitzer education

Likewise, the College must redouble its commitment to building a community that lives out the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, while also addressing urgent matters such as examining and improving our Title IX process and support as we strive for a campus that is free of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment and violence.

The Board of Trustees has full confidence in Jill Klein’s ability to lead the College in meeting these challenges, positioning the seventh president for success and the College for continued excellence. I especially wish to thank the faculty and staff who provided their thoughtful input into the Board’s selection process.

In the face of society’s enormous challenges, together we undertake the exhilarating and challenging endeavor that is Pitzer College, a place that enables students to grow into engaged and socially responsible citizens of the world. I thank each of you for your unique and valuable contribution to the Pitzer community.

Please join me in welcoming Jill Klein as she takes on this important leadership role.

Yours sincerely,

Donald P. Gould
Chair, Pitzer College Board of Trustees