Meet a Pitzer Alum: Carlos Alvarez ’15

Carlos Alvarez ’15, a First-Gen college graduate, works as the Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs at Pitzer College. Carlos’ work in the Office of the Dean of Faculty and on Staff Council provides him with opportunities to support the Pitzer community. Carlos enjoys serving as a resource to Pitzer students, staff, and faculty and supporting the endeavors of his colleagues.


I want to inspire people to go on and do what they dream of. And whether they achieve it or not, it starts here; it starts at Pitzer. And I want to be the person that helps them get there or guide them to the right person to help them get there.

My name is Carlos Alvarez and I’m part of the Pitzer class of 2015. I didn’t have a good grounding of what college was meant to be because I was a first gen student. I wasn’t really connected with family members that did pursue college through different educational paths. What made me most interested in Pitzer, specifically having been somewhere else, is the small class sizes, the mindful community and the opportunities to innovate that I didn’t feel previous to coming to Pitzer. I was a transfer student, actually. I studied English and World Literature while I was here at Pitzer, specifically the creative writing track. Ever since high school I’ve been writing poetry, I’ve been interested in fiction. I realized I want to tell stories in every medium that I can. And Pitzer provided a space in the classroom with more dedicated attention for me to want to do more in fiction and poetry, and I felt so much more supported. And I felt I could grow more here than anywhere else. I feel that several faculty contributed to my experience, one being Brent Armendinger, the creative writing professor of poetry specifically, he inspired me, gave me so many tools to shape the way I think about poetry, and find different ways to maneuver the feelings, the words, and create something beautiful.

I work at the Dean of Faculty here at Pitzer College and working as the administrative coordinator for Academic Affairs. In this building upon experiences I had, I’m able to do a lot of policy, bigger-picture things while also being at the front desk and supporting students, staff and faculty on a daily basis. I want to be one of those people that share stories that inspire the world or even just one person, because I was someone that was inspired by other stories that I see. None of us are alone, and I want to be able to contribute to that realm of writing, that inspires others to get past whatever they’re going through.

Shred the fear and let it slide past you.
Your claws are meant for more than defense.
Your heart can take this;
Don’t blame it.
You’re more than one mistake.
Don’t be dismissed.

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