New Book by Pitzer Professors Provide Insights on Hillary Clinton’s Legacy

Book Cover - The Hillary Effect

Claremont, CA  (August 6, 2020) — Rachel VanSickle-Ward ’99, professor of political studies at Pitzer College, has co-edited The Hillary Effect: Perspectives on Clinton’s Legacy.   

The book contains more than 40 essays organized around five primary dimensions of Hillary Clinton’s influence: policy, activism, campaigns, women’s ambition and impact on parents and their children. Combining personal narrative with scholarly expertise in political science, the volume looks at American politics through Clinton’s career in order to illuminate overarching trends related to elections, gender and public policy. The Hillary Effect features a varied list of contributors working within the related fields of political science and includes a prologue by Gloria Steinem and an essay by Dolores Huerta.    

Rachel VanSickle-Ward, professor of political studies

Besides VanSickle-Ward, three other Pitzer College professors contributed essays to the book: Brinda Sarathy, professor of environmental analysis and director, Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California, “From Fraud to Fighter”; Adrian Pantoja, professor of political studies and Chicano studies, “Turning Point: Hillary Clinton’s Impact on Latino Politics”; and Emma Stephens, professor of economics, “The Economic Woman: Why Clinton’s Economic Message Still Matters,” with Rachel VanSickle-Ward.

Brinda Sarathy, professor of environmental analysis

“We [the editors] felt there was an urgency to this book because after the election the focus was so much on her loss,” said VanSickle-Ward. “But coexisting with the loss is an extraordinarily legacy of accomplishments, of changing the world for the better, over decades of a groundbreaking career. A legacy that is still playing out on so many levels—inspiring women to run for office, inspiring perseverance in women outside the political realm, shaping international policy to focus more on women and girls, changing how children see political leaders, centering reproductive rights and motherhood in presidential politics.”

Adrian Pantoja, professor of political studies and Chicano studies

Other essay titles include: “Pantsuit Nation,” “The Stories Not Told: Misrepresenting the Women Who Loved Clinton,” Running Because of Hillary,” “Even in Defeat, Clinton’s Campaign Could Still Inspire Young Women,” “The Wisdom of a Wonky Woman,” and “Global Gender Effects: The Impact of Hillary Clinton on American Foreign Policy.”  

Academic reviewers praise the book:

Emma Stephens, professor of economics

“This volume combines inspiring stories with systematic analyses to reclaim the narrative around Clinton. It elucidates and celebrates the countless ways in which she changed the face of politics, inciting ‘resilience, recognition and resistance’ among women and girls everywhere”—Tiffany Barnes, associate professor of political science, University of Kentucky. 

“I enthusiastically recommend The Hillary Effect to students of, and participants in, American politics,” writes Kathryn Pearson, associate professor of political science, University of Minnesota. “Taken together, the 42 chapters provide insight into the consequences of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, extensive career in government, domestic and foreign policy-making and political activism, demonstrating that her contributions are more significant and far-reaching than previously reported.”

The Hillary Effect is published by Bloomsbury and available on Amazon and other retailers starting today.

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