Pitzer College Professor Ronald G. Rubin Dies

Professor Ronald Rubin (1945-2014)

Claremont, Calif. (October 27, 2014)–Pitzer College Professor Ronald G. Rubin passed away peacefully at home on October 22, 2014 with his wife, Susan Perry, by his side. He was 69.

Rubin joined Pitzer in 1971 and was the founder of the History of Ideas Field Group. As a scholar, Rubin was known for his work on René Descartes and focused his area of research in the history of early modern philosophy; history of early modern science; philosophy of science; and philosophy of mind.

He taught courses in the history of philosophy, as well as on the occult and its relationship to the development of early modern science. Rubin’s students describe him as brilliant, having a unique approach to teaching and a fascinating breadth and depth of knowledge. Outside of the classroom, Rubin and Perry have been instrumental in developing Aikido in the Claremont area since 1983. They started the Claremont Colleges Aikido Club and opened their studio, Musubi Dojo, in Montclair.

He earned his MA and PhD from Cornell University and BA from Amherst College. He authored several books: Formal Logic: A Model of English, Meditations on First Philosophy, Logic Made Simple, Silencing the Demon’s Advocate: The Strategy of Descartes’ Meditations and Aikido Talks: Conversations with American Aikidoists which he co-authored with Perry.

A memorial service will be held on November 29 from 2-4 p.m. at Musubi Dojo. Anyone wishing to send condolences or expressions of gratitude for Professor Rubin may do so through the Office of the President.