History of the Grove House

In 1975, Professor Barry Sanders taught a class called “Arts and Crafts Movement in America.” It was out of this class that the idea for the Grove House was born.

“There are several reasons why we want to acquire a new building. First, students have long felt a need for a type of student activities center that would have a friendly, comfortable, home-like atmosphere. This kind of ambience is difficult to create given contemporary building methods and costs. Historical Claremont is rich in older houses valued for their historical or architectural significance. Their scale and cohesiveness, their familiarity. These houses provide a sense of continuity which can serve as a stabilizing element in today’s rootless society. Many of these houses lie neglected and untended; some are doomed to be razed for other newer buildings. In many instances, these houses are emerging as renewed centers of activity and community appeal. The Zetterberg House could become such a place for Pitzer students. It would provide the Pitzer community with an opportunity to work on and participate in the restoration of a fine house from the Arts and Crafts period.”

Professor Barry Sanders

Additional Information and Resources

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