Pitzer’s Pioneers

Pitzer's Pioneers

“Come build a college!” was the unique invitation extended by admissions officers from Claremont Men’s College (now Claremont McKenna) and Harvey Mudd to lure the first students to Pitzer in 1964. And come they did – 153 young women from 19 states and five other countries. To accomplish the task of building a college, these students worked with professors and administrators to provide a structure for community governance. They created College Council along with over nine committees.

Students participated in all these founding governing bodies in addition to attending weekly Town Meetings and successfully completing their required courses. These young women, the charter class of Pitzer College, attended to their herculean task of “building a college” and attained an education that stretched far beyond their classroom walls. And so, on this 50th anniversary of their graduation, we say thank you.

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